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Reflections on MOTHERHOOD

Reflections on MOTHERHOOD

I was recently contacted by the ever lovely Marigold Modern boutique to be a part of their Mama Minute series.  It is an incredibly beautiful store with an inclusive mission and I have always crushed on their eye.

I was lucky enough to meet owner Louisa Vann and Stylist, Dani Lynn at a luncheon hosted by Vincent James designer, Heather Sullivan, last week.  Although the lunch was intended to highlight sustainability, we also chatted a lot about motherhood and parenting.  Some at the lunch had many kiddos - always amazed by how effortlessly Heather mothers her 4 with ease - and others had not entered into this next step, but we had great conversation about parenting, being a child, and it was really inspiring and got me thinking.

Motherhood... you are the best and at times a beast, but I don't remember myself without you.  May is always an emotional month for me.  Another school year is ending and the kiddos are seeming older. I have fallen in love with their teachers and all that they do for my kiddos. I notice how different they are with new and different summer activities and sports and how much more freedom they require. It is absolutely heart warming and heart breaking simultaneously.  

I feel lucky to be their mom.  I feel so fortunate that we have open communication.  I hope it will last through the teenage years and that they will continue to grow into the smart, caring, loving souls that they are. 

Bottom line:  I have never been great with change, but I have found with every year, I am really doing my best to give into it.  


xx Jane

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We love custom projects.  They have become a cornerstone of our business.  Reinventing your sentimental stones into more modern, wearable styles means so much to us and we love hearing your kind words and reactions to your JP pieces.

Lately, we have had a lot of requests to send us new stones to set in our settings.  The sheer number of these has left us feeling disconnected, so we have made the difficult decision to stop accepting new stones sourced with stone dealers, etc.  We have many beautiful stones in our inventory and are more than happy to source a stone with your project in mind, if we don't have anything that suits your fancy.

Proposals take a lot of attention and we have felt lately that we have been stretched thin with projects for new stones originating from elsewhere.  From now on, if you want one of our custom settings, we are more than happy to source a stone for your ring. 

Have a stone you want to update the setting?  We are still here for you!  We love reworking stones.  In fact, we are hoping this change allows us more time to focus on your projects.

xx Jane

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Jane Styles: Rings

Jane Styles: Rings

Ahhhhh ring styling.  I love it.   
People always ask would I do this or do that, and the answer is yes!  I do it all.  I love experimenting with stacking rings.  

Some of my tried and true suggestions:

Mix shapes/lines - eg. Try one with straight sides, rounded, curved all worn together.  

Switch the order - Sometimes switching the order of the bands will make them look completely different.

Mix thick and thin - The thin flat bands and twig rings have an amazing ability to give depth to a stack.  It's amazing what a little texture will add to a stack.

Add a stack topper - Most people think that you should bookend rings so that there are two matching bands on either side of your main event ring.  This can be lovely, but I also love two different bands on one side (or three) with a zinger on top.  There is something incredibly balanced in the imbalance.

Don't be afraid to try things you wouldn't think are you.  You just may surprise yourself.

xx Jane

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Jane Styles: Necklace

Jane Styles: Necklace

You may have noticed that I rarely post necklace shots on myself while rings are easy peasy. Necklaces are so tricky to get a candid studio shots. Based on instagram engagement, it doesn't seem like you love the model shots as much as the candid shots.  The truth is that they are necessary to show styling tips for necklaces.

I wouldn't advise styling too many necklaces on our smallest chain. While it is durable, delicate style chains tend to tangle and can be a mess when piled on.  I do love a mix of a couple of chains.  A longer heavier chain with a shorter delicate chain is a staple for me.  I love layering my kiddos fingerprint necklace with a shorter necklace.  

I also adore the new heavier chains with a diamond zinger or gold staple worn together. It's a nice way to give some extra volume to to your favorite simple necklace. 

Necklace styling for me is on the subtle side, but if you love to pile chains on, the more the merrier.

xx Jane 

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Jane Styles: Earrings

Jane Styles: Earrings

I love being able to show how I would style the jewelry in natural light and every day clothes. Earrings are super difficult to snap in the studio. To be presentable enough to photograph means I have to have showered and done my hair and make up in some fashion, which is an added pressure.  So, I thought I would take to the blog to go in depth a little more about styling in my new series Jane Styles.

I love mixing and matching earrings. I have 5 piercings on my left ear and 3 on my right.  You would think I could wear all of my faves at once, but it's all a matter of balance.  I pierced a few of my own holes in my youth, so the spacing isn't perfect either.  Cest la vie.  Work with what you have and choose earrings accordingly.

I have found that a balance of bars, studs, drops, etc works best for me.

fave drops: bar with half moon diamond drops + drop earrings

bars:  triplicate + slate bar studs + tubes

diamond studs:  any diamond studs add dimension to the stack.  try to mix the shapes for balance and depth.

The art of stacking involves a mixture of the above styles.  Here are a few examples of my fave combinations:



I love a drop mixed in for some impact.

 Looking for a pop of color? These new citrine cocktail studs are a great neutral color while the spinel, sapphire, and tourmaline studs as well as these other new colored studs add more of a pop.



Have a single hole?  No worries.  We's got you covered too.

hoops + plate studs + NEW 5mm bezel set diamond studs + covey studs are all great everyday earrings.

antiparos studs offer more coverage, while still being sleek.

climbers give the illusion of more going on without committing to the multiple holes In your lobes.



Looking for a statement maker:

frond + triad + diamond disc + constellation studs


Hope this helps you with your next ear bedazzlement.  Do you like these styling tips? Do give feedback.


xx Jane 

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We are super excited to announce that...  we are moving to a new location in the upcoming weeks.  Our small but mighty team has grown a bit and we need a little more space to stretch our legs.  We do not have an exact date just yet, but will definitely update you when we do.  We will be closed a few days for the move and to get settled into the new digs.  Please keep this in mind when you place orders and when you are thinking of making an exchange/return*. We will also pause appointments for a week or two around the move.  We are waiting on the build out of our new space, so the move date is dependent on that.  We are told it will be between June 1 and 15, but know that could change.

I have loved every minute of our stay in the Cigar Factory.  This beautiful old building and my studio mates have been inspiring in so many ways.  I will miss them dearly and hope to connect with them regularly to hear of what they are up to and continue to be inspired by their work. 

There will be more announcements regarding the new space, appointment days/times, and other fun things in the upcoming weeks.  Be sure you are on our email list to be sure you are up to speed.

Can't wait to see you in the new spot!

xx Jane


*We are not responsible for lost packages in transit, and this will extend to packages shipped to us around the move.  

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First Quarter Donation on behalf of Small Change

First Quarter Donation on behalf of Small Change

I am so excited to continue making donations through my role at the Small Change Foundation.  This quarter's donation will be made to The Friends of the Lowcountry Lowline. - a project here in Charleston to transform 1.7 miles of urban space into usable community outdoor space while also helping with infrastructure issues like flooding.  We will be making a donation of a portion on our total sales + 20% of the profits of our BIG LOVE ring sales.

Can't wait to see how this project develops and take advantage of what this will bring to our community. 

Xx Jane

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As I have said 1000 times over, the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday madness makes me insane.  I don't do well with over stimulation and I have never been great at fighting for a deal.  For this reason, I moved the JP ANNUAL SALE to October and extended it for 3 days this year and have never been happier.  People have time to shop the sale with patience and enjoy the experience.

I really want to support smaller, local businesses this year... and some special ones that I am loving that have an awesome mission.  Most of the businesses below are powered by incredible women.

Do you have any other small-ish businesses you love that I should know about? 


The Works - Sarah Frick engagement ring rework + gift card to the Works - Sarah’s heart and Soul are on the mat and in the studio for every class taught that the Works and now she and Carter Foxworth are launching the Works CYCLE.  Nothing gets me feeling better than sweating it out on a bike with awesome tunes in the dark room.

Library Littles Lauren’s collection of the most precious, timeless clothing for little girls - you might recognize the model wink wink - morganite ring is the feeling of her line… soft and subtle color palette.

Vincent James - This is a line of sustainably made elevated essentials by my newest studio mate, Heather Sullivan.  Heather is a personal inspiration.  Everything she does is with thought and care and she is my sustainability role model.  Her clothes are beautiful and well made staples that you can wear daily. Heathers is the epitome of cool girl.  Multiple piercings + earring stack is her style.

Shoes on King  - Catherine Boardman’s store here in Charleston has great lines and the customer service is the best. 

RED CLAY - This hot sauce is the yummiest.  I go back and forth between the red and green… and their HOT honey with the Ground up Nut butters is on point. 

POST HOUSE - Staycation City: population 1.  I have already stayed at the Post House Inn and cannot wait to get back for another stay at this local hot spot.  The restaurant is perfection with delicious cocktails and food. Experiences over items almost any day for me... a night away or a dinner with dear friends feeds my soul.

I have two favorite shops on Sullivans.   

Goldbug is Ashley Martin's tiny little shop with amazing jewelry that she makes + gift items as well as great easy dresses, tops and swimwear. 

Bennie + Coco is the new kid on the block.  Katie Poole brings a fun vibe to the island with colorful dresses, rocker t shirts and aviator nation super soft sweats.  So glad to have these two female owned business ladies on the island.  

A few companies with an incredible mission and product that I am also gifting this year.

Ground Up - Favorite healthy indulgence is Ground Up nut butters is a really cool company based in Portland that not only makes the most delicious nut butters - the Chunky Almond, Cashew, Coconut Nut Butter is my classic fave, but they recently sent me the Spicy Tahini and it was CRAZY delicious.  They have lots of fun holiday flavors that are worth checking out.  I also LOVE the Spicy Tahini Cashew Butter that was seasonal and sold out.  Don't miss.  It's SO YUMMY.

Ground Up is a not-just-for-profit business that provides job training to womxn overcoming adversity in the Portland area. Through the sale of healthy and delicious nut butters, we empower womxn with the confidence and skills they need to get back on their feet.

Brightland Olive Oil - This insanely delicious and clean olive oil is my new fave.  The branding it so lovely, and I honestly wondered if the oil was that delicious or if they just hand appealing branding.  BOTH!  The oil has an insanely smooth and bright flavor that speaks to the nature of it’s production in California.

Babaa - Sustainable Spanish knit brand that I have coveted.  It was kind of purchase that I thought I wanted to be sure about before pulling the trigger.  I looked at the website for weeks and was about the purchase one of the sweaters in a beautiful cool, grey color when it sold out!  I was disappointed but spent another week with the browser open, looking at different styles and finally fell in love with a totally different style.  I purchased my first sweater and I love it so much.  Their mission, values and partnerships make for aspiring melding of old traditions and new sensibilities.

Happy Shopping!

xx Jane


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Custom Fingerprint Pricing and Process

Custom Fingerprint Pricing and Process

The Custom FINGERPRINT Necklaces are one of my absolutely favorite pieces in the collection.  Not only is each person's fingerprint 100% unique to the person, but even the way the impressions come out are special and distinctive.  We have had lots of questions lately about the pricing and process on those, so I just wanted to give some additional information.  



Once we receive the 50% non-refundable deposit paid through our website, we will send you a capture kit which includes instructions and tips for getting the best print.  


Because each of the prints are unique, they can vary in size a bit.  Our best guesstimation is 15-18 mm.


You can do them at any age, because any little indentation has a way of being precious... but we suggest 2 yrs and up for the best detail.


We try to do these as economically as we can, but the truth is that gold has gone up and the fingerprints are weighty (because we like them that way) and the process takes time from preparing the kits, to when we receive the prints back until they are perfect and ready for you.  Some pieces need more work and some need less.  We could mark all projects up to the higher number to cover ourselves, but we find the range allows us to be more on target.


There are several add on's that can affect the price of the necklace- length of the chain and hand engravings. 

The basic pricing for the fingerprints is for an 18" chain.  We originally offered them at 16", but have found that most people like them at 18", so we edited that so that the base is at 18".  I love them longer.  Mine is 28", but I am tall and like it longer. To each her own on the length.  Every 2 inches longer you go, there is an additional 

Most people opt for the hand engraving on the reverse side of the fingerprints.  They are so sweet and really make the necklace even more special. 

All add on's will be charged in the initial payment. If you happen to make a change to add something after the deposit has been paid, the additional charge will be reflected on the final bill.


The process can take 6-8 weeks from the day that we receive the completed kit back from you. 

If you are interested in getting this for a special day, but don't have 6-8 weeks, you can start the process and give the kit as the gift.  We have found doing the kits with family to be super special.


These pieces are labor Intensive and on the weightier side, so there is not a less expensive version available.  We get that this price point and process is not for everyone.


We have two ways of doing this, while neither is as perfect as capturing the print with our kit.  If you have an impression of the print that you can use to capture a fingerprint, we can do it that way.  We can also laser engrave 


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Giving back to our community

Giving back to our community

I have watched my dear friend, Ruth Campbell, Be a Mentor for several years and have always wanted to know more and to get involved.  Sadly, I let this or that keep me "too busy" to give of my time.  I am charitable financially, but have been bad about giving my time. Basically, I made excuses for myself. 

When Covid hit and we were locked down at home left to teach our children, it hit me hard that there must be so many children who are less fortunate than my own.  I could imagine that these children did not have the luxury of parents with means and equipment to keep up with virtual school.  It was truly exhausting for everyone involved.*

As I thought about the kiddos who would be left behind due to their parents being unable to stop working to home school, it reminded me of my desire to give back to the community with my time as well as money.  I finally reached out to Be a Mentor, a local organization that empowers children by connecting them with a mentor who can guide them in their community with compassion and integrity. 

I have completed my online training and am really looking forward to being paired with my mentee.  The program sounds incredible, and I am thankful to be taking this step.  It will be a bit different this year, and will be virtual for the safety of all involved, but I look forward to creating a relationship with my mentee.  If you are interested in being a mentor and helping "a child on the brink of success", there is no better time than now to take the leap.  We can all use some additional guidance during this chaotic and uncertain time.


xx Jane


*Note: In full disclosure, I totally pawned off the home schooling to our incredible sitter (who is married and quarantined with her husband only) while I worked.  Hats off to all teachers out there... and parents who had the patience and persistence for home schooling.

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