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Most of our pieces are made to order, exclusively for you! Please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to ship out. xx, The JP Team
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15 Years of JP

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15 Years of JP

Wow Wow Wow!  15 years of JP*.  It feels amazing to have hit this milestone and to also feel like my business is exactly where it should be at this moment. I have been so blessed to get to work with so many inspiring, fun, smart people over the years. While I feel infinitely grateful for everything on this timeline and so many more amazing moments, there have been many bumps in this long road. JP has moved to 5 cities, before returning home to Charleston. I had babies and a brain tumor and surgeries and professional struggles that turned my life inside out and upside down. Through it all, I have found so much light and love and most importantly perspective. Without this perspective, I don’t know that I would be the person I am today, and JP would certainly not be what it is today. As trite as it may sound, adversity forces us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps on the other side and make the life we want.

I dreamed of growing JP and starting my own full service manufacturing company to bring my own manufacturing in-house and surrounding myself with a smart, hardworking, inspiring JP team. I have done just that. On top of that, and potentially the most important, I have an incredible network of clients who have given me the pleasure of creating truly singular pieces that they can wear and love and continue to build upon and layer over time. I would feel like I was bragging, but I have also worked very hard for the past 15/24 years. I feel a sense of pride in that. I am forever grateful for my team. I am forever grateful for my beautiful sun drenched studio in The Refinery. I am forever grateful for those who have helped me in business over the years, and there have been too many to name. Most importantly, I am forever grateful for the incredible client base that JP continues to nourish and grow in an authentic way. Without you trusting us with your jewelry needs and loving what we do, JP Jewelry would not be what we are today.  

In a very small effort to improve JP customer experience, we have decided to offer free repairs on all JP pieces. Shipping will still be the responsibility of the client, but the work and materials used to repair your JP piece will be on us. Announcement and details on this experience coming very soon!

Forever grateful for our JP Community!!

xx Jane

*I have actually been in business for 24 years, if you include Balboa Jewelry, my costume jewelry line which sold at Barneys and was feature in most fashion magazines (back when we LIVED for print).  How have I been doing anything for this long?!?  It feels very exciting and insane at the same time.