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I have felt so reminiscent lately with the recent shoot starring my daughter and getting these photos of Three Generations of JP with my mom and daughter.  They are so very special to me and I am so grateful to have these images with these two beauties. In the same vein, I have been thinking a lot about how certain things, whether material or not, give significance to my life. Noticing what things bring me joy and enhance my life, and looking to fill my life with more of that and really soaking in how they make me feel.  

I feel the same way about jewelry. It is something that evokes connection and meaning in a unique way. Whether it reminds you of someone, keeps your loved ones with you, or makes you smile, jewelry can be very powerful. I love looking down at my hands and seeing my JP NAME RINGS, knowing that I always have my babies with me. Seeing my antique engagement ring and thinking of 15 years of marriage. Layering gold bands and it reminding me of my grandmother's cool gold rings. I love the layers of more simple with more intricate styles building my own story, layer by layer. 

Jewelry can be an emotional purchase, one filled with love, excitement, tears, and even at times in loss. Building a modern heirloom collection involves starting with your favorite pieces, adding layers of varying textures and shapes, mixing metals when it feels right. Incorporate meaningful pieces for emotional resonance, and experiment with different styles and silhouettes to create a collection that reflects your personal style and can be cherished for generations.

xx Jane

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