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Modern Heirlooms

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Modern Heirlooms

We have been talking about Modern Heirlooms over here a good bit. Whether you are interested in starting your modern Heirloom collection with your first JP piece or reworking heirloom stones to update them, or to tweak a JP design, we are here to help. 

There are several ways to start, build upon and add to your Modern Heirloom Collection, and we thought explaining might be a good way to introduce a few ways. Reworking heirloom stones, styling your stack with JP bands to give that perfect balance of new and old, or carefully selecting your favorite JP pieces are the three main ways clients build their JP modern heirloom collection.

We are always listening about custom feedback. We have recently updated our three levels of JP Custom: Customizable are those that utilize stones we have in our collection pieces or client’s heirloom stones 4mm and larger, and involve semi-custom settings. These projects involve semi-custom work to an existing collection item using a stone sourced by JP or a client's heirloom stone.  This excludes engagement rings or diamonds 1ct and above. This is a new category that we hope will help clients give new life their stones.

The second is reworking your stone into a JP custom heirloom rework. These projects use heirloom stones to design a one of a kind JP Jewelry piece or engagement ring of your dreams.

“To me, an heirloom is a piece that is both unique and ageless; something that is non-replicable and timeless so that my daughters—and possibly, their daughters—would love to wear one day.  I had this idea in mind with engagement ring rework. My textured band feels unique, yet the simplicity of the rework feels like something I can pass on for generations to come.”

-Megan Karp (@meganlkarp)  

The third is a completely custom JP project, allowing Jane and the team to source, design, and create a truly singular JP piece.

If you are not ready to rework or get involved in the custom process, there are still ways to use JP collection pieces to update an existing stack or layer on to give your collection the JP modern heirloom touch. Adding a JP band, mixing metals, and layering are all super easy ways to update your collection.

"Modern heirlooms to me strike the balance between being fresh and unique, while also nostalgic and timeless. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and it's been quite an adventure -- we've had three kids, moved three times, and he's graduating law school next week! It feels like a pivotal time in our marriage/the life of our family as we gear up to start the next phase of our lives. Adding some modern heirloom pieces to my wedding ring stack feels like a special way to commemorate such a rich season as a family. My favorite part about these new pieces is definitely the five diamonds that remind me of the five members of our family. Something I’ll treasure forever!"

- Heather Summers (@heathermsummers)