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Most of our pieces are made to order, exclusively for you! Please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to ship out. xx, The JP Team
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We are always striving to educate our customers on the ins and outs of JP Jewelry.  We strive to inform people, so that they are able to make decisions about JP pieces that they feel good about. I wanted to answer a few questions about some of our most special pieces.

What sets the GILD collection apart from other JP rings?

The GILD collection is made up of truly singular pieces. Each is timeless and meant to delight. This collection allows Jane to be creative in creating.

What sets the GILD collection apart from the GILD Made to Measure Collection?

The GILD collection is made up of truly Singular JP designs. GILD Made to Measure pieces are JP Signature styles that the client can customize by selecting the stone and setting of their choice.

Am I able to select my stone for a JP engagement ring?

If you are looking to select the stone for your engagement ring, there are two ways to do about this: GILD Made to Measure or the JP Custom Experience. The GILD MTM collection is made up of a group of signature JP styles. Each of the styles is offered with options of diamonds of varying sizes and qualities. These pieces allow you to customize your signature JP ring.  

The JP Custom process allows the client to go one step further and create a ring just for them. We work with clients to choose their stone, create a custom setting, and makes edits throughout the process that allow them to be a part of creating their one of a kind Custom JP ring.  

Are GILD Made to Measure Rings the same as custom projects?

GILD Made to Measure pieces are customizable, in that you get to choose your stone and setting. 

JP Custom Projects are made with the client's specifications in mind. The JP Custom Experience allows for more input in the design phase. It also involves a certain faith in Jane and the team to execute your vision.

Am I able to use an heirloom stone in a GILD Made to Measure piece?

Absolutely! We love working with client's heirloom stones. 

Am I able to customize a GILD collection ring?

Each of the GILD collection rings is truly a singular piece. Any customization of these styles would be part of the JP Custom Experience.   

Are all GILD and GILD Made to Measure pieces handcrafted?

Each JP piece is handmade in our Charleston studio.

xx Jane