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I am feeling all the feels of LOVE in 2024.  I am grateful for health, for new opportunities at JP Jewelry (with the 2024 Gold Initiative + an incredible trip to Tucson for some seriously gorgeous jewels), for my incredible female team, for my amazing friends.  I am just feeling all the feels.

I also received a great email from R. Runberg Curiosities, encouraging me to "forget saccharine gestures and outdated conventions" and "LOVE YOUR FRIENDS. LOVE YOUR SWEETHEART.  LOVE YOURSELF."  This resonated with me extra this year. 

I created a very special collection of JP SELF LOVE Rings that are made up of some simple reminders to to brighten your day. The New JP METEORITE HEART Necklaces are near and dear to my heart as well.  After making one for my daughter years ago, I found a few more in Tucson that we have added to the collection.  They are each singular and out of this world cool. 

I also had the honor of helping my daughter with some very special necklaces for her besties that she designed to give them for Love Day.  I have been giving extra big hugs to my family.  And I have been thinking about how I want to give back to my community this year. 

I used to hate Valentine's Day and the idea of it, but this year and in years to come it has new meaning for me.  It's a time to celebrate LOVE in all of it's forms.  Who doesn't need a reminder of that?

xx Jane