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JP x KR MENS Collaboration

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JP x KR MENS Collaboration

I have been having the best time working on the latest collaboration. Kirk Chambers came to me about a special men's project he had been thinking about.  Kirk is a photographer here in Charleston who has shot for me for years and is quite stylish, so I knew whatever he wanted to do would be cool and fun to work on. Simultaneously, I had been sitting on some rough jade that my father brought back from a trip to Myanmar years ago. I was looking for the perfect project to cut the rough stone, but had yet to find the right fit for it. 


My dad is one of the best humans on this earth and is such a supporter of my business, always harassing strangers on airplanes, handing out business cards and spreading the word about JP. My parents travel often, even at 78 and 80 years old, and my dad loves to take my business cards all over the world and tell people about me. It's really sweet and also makes me laugh. He travels to do a legal exchange where he teaches to law students in other countries. He has been to Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, and several years ago they went to Myanmar. He always makes friends with locals at the schools so they can take him to their favorite places. In Myanmar, he got an instructor to take him to a jade market, for which they are famous. The jadeite deposits found in Myanmar's northern regions are the source of the highest quality jadeite in the world.  

When Kirk talked to me about his idea for some men's rings, and I immediately thought of working with the rough jadeite that my dad gave me, we knew this was meant to be. Kirk has great style and his enthusiasm for men's fashion is exciting + my experience with jewelry and with this unique rough, we knew we could create some really unique and cool pieces that would become modern heirloom pieces. I had the jadeite cut by a lapidary for this special project. Each stone is unique and varies in color from dark green to light green to orange, lending each piece to the singular nature of the JP brand.  


I hope you love these pieces as much as we do!

xx Jane