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JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

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JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

I am very excited to announce the JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste, and any negative impact we have on our planet. After having many clients looking to reuse their gold as a way to reduce the cost of their pieces, this initiative was born. In 2024, we will be offering to recycle gold pieces you no longer wear in exchange for a credit toward a JP piece or custom project.

This is a two part mission that we are exploring right before your eyes. Most gold must be refined before it can be used in casting. If solder has not been used in the piece, it can be used in conjunction with refined gold in casting. This is a complex initiative, of which we can only iron out the details by getting started.  

My hope is that by recycling gold in our manufacturing processes, we are taking a small step to help reduce our footprint. Secondly, we would like to be able to offer a credit for gold toward a JP purchase for those of you who have pieces you no longer wear, but know they have value.  

While we have always used 100% recycled gold in our casting, now your gold will be part of doing better. JP pieces are cast using recycled gold in each casting in 2024.

These pieces are carefully assessed for quality and purity before being meticulously transformed in house.

Credit value is dependent on weight and kt of gold.
Credit amount to client will be 100% of market value of gold price on the day JP processes intake.
Credit up to $500 can be used toward a JP Collection purchase.
Credit up to $1500 can be used toward a JP Custom Project*.
Credits must be used within 1 calendar year or client forfeits credit to JP.
Shipping of gold is the responsibility of client both ways.
Stone recovery available at a charge depending on number of stones, cuts, and setting. Cost of recovery will be evaluated and sent to client before moving forward - approx. $25-$250.



Upon receipt of goods, JP will weigh and inspect items.  We will asses stone retrieval if client desires. We will be in touch within 2 weeks with an offer for the amount of the credit and cost of any services on our end to move forward. Once we have approval, we are able to send a discount code to be used on the website to make a purchase or toward your custom project. All credits must be used within one calendar year from the issue date of the code or they will be forfeited.  If client decides not to move forward with credit, client will be responsible for paying return shipping label within 30 days or all materials will become property of JP.

Please note:  If your gold contains solder it will be refined before we will use it.
Because some gold will have elements that cannot be used for casting, there will be a test to determine if the metals sent in are able to be recycled in house. If they are not, they will be refined at the EOY**.

*JP is able to use stones over 4mm for custom projects.

** Our metal refiner values standards set for environmental responsibility and has various certifications recognizing a continued effort to reduce their environmental footprint.