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I have always admired the stylish women in my life. My mom is the most unintentionally stylish person I know. She loves and wears pieces that she buys and for this reason I have used many of her pieces of jewelry and wardrobe as inspiration. One of my favorite pieces is an incredibly beautiful sapphire and diamond ring that my dad designed for her for their 15th anniversary. This ring contains 3 very dark oval sapphires (my favorite kind) lined with diamonds on the top and bottom. While its design was from a doodle my dad made on a napkin in NYC's diamond district, it has become a coveted piece of my mom's by all of the ladies in our family. Last November, my parents celebrated celebrated their 50th anniversary.  

Since there is only one of these rings, I thought it could be cool if I re-designed it with some tweaks to give to my nieces and daughter so that each can have a little bit of mimi with them in this special piece. While my oldest niece will get the original, each of the other Pope family girls will have a ring inspired by our beloved Mimi.

Hope you all love the newest addition to the JP Modern Heirloom pieces.

xx Jane