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A little update

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A little update

I was going to come here and give you an update on some health stuff that I went through this fall, but I just realized that at the same time that I was recovering from yet another brain surgery*, JP celebrated 15 years!  WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  I am so incredibly grateful for every day I get to do what I love with this amazing team of women surrounding me.  

I recently sat down with Sarah Frick of The Works and Lindsay Collins of Effin B radio to tape an episode for their Are Your For Real? podcast (COMING SOON!!) - my first experience doing anything like this.  In doing so I did a little walk down memory lane with these two accomplished, cool, boss ladies and friends.  It was so fun to look back at my first days, some of the many highlights, and a few blunders with the gift of perspective.  Of course telling these few anecdotes got me thinking. I have smiled so much this week, thinking of all I have experienced, accomplished, overcome, and gotten the privilege of including in my story: The JP story.  I was reminded yet again of the layers of life. Of influences. Of inspiration.  Of experience.  Of relationships, which are the heart of this business.

I have spent some time this week going back and looking at past designs, photo shoots, custom projects and other imagery that has brought me so much joy.  I plan to share these memories with you all via social media over time.  Please excuse the photography, as some are pre-iphone 15 technology.  I just can't help but share all of these parts and pieces of JP.

I cannot thank you all enough for following along this incredible journey with me!  BIG LOVE.

xx Jane

For those of you who do not know my story, you can go here to read the back story or here for the 10 year update 

*I am well... better than ever, in fact!  I was having really bad headaches for months, making excuses for why.  I ended up back at my neurosurgeon's office and they ordered an MRI which showed that my brain was not draining and pressure was increasing and causing the headaches.  I had to have surgery to have a shunt put in my brain and a tube from the device to my stomach to drain the fluid.  I am forever in awe of the Neurosurgery team and the staff at MUSC and am forever grateful for their incredible care.  The recovery was brutal, but brief and I have felt better than ever since then.  I don't think I knew I was in the pain I was in before, until it was remedied. Bottom line here is: listen to your bodies.  


photo courtesy of the first JP photo shoot on the streets of NYC with my super talented friend Lindsey Belle Photography