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JP Layer Love

JP Layer Love

I have been having so much fun layering necklaces lately.  While stacking rings, studs, and bracelets has been easy for me, layering JP necklaces haa taken me a little more time to master.  But alas, I think I have done it.  Some necklace stacking hacks I have come across they help my layering look really nice.

JP DIAMOND LINE NECKLACE: the addition of the JP Line Necklace to the collection has been game changing really.  I love how it's the perfect amount of sparkle alone while still allowing for layering of other necklaces.

Differing JP Chains:  layering in different chains not only looks really interesting, the varying chain types can keep the chains from tangling. Currently loving the JP PARTIAL BEZEL DIAMOND Necklaces on the ball chain.

Staple Naked JP Chains:  Adding in a plain chain can help create some interest.  I LOVE the JP BOX CHAIN NECKLACE as a layering piece.

Fine JP Chains:  This is my biggest hurdle, I used to layer too many delicate chains of different lengths and they just became a tangled mess.  I think sticking to one delicate chain when layering is best.  My fave one at the moment is the JP ASSCHER CUT MALAYA GARNET NECKLACE.

I have had virtually no tangles by following the above and using only one delicate chain.  

Hope you find your perfect JP necklace layer love!

xx Jane

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We are always striving to educate our customers on the ins and outs of JP Jewelry.  We strive to inform people, so that they are able to make decisions about JP pieces that they feel good about. I wanted to answer a few questions about some of our most special pieces.

What sets the GILD collection apart from other JP rings?

The GILD collection is made up of truly singular pieces. Each is timeless and meant to delight. This collection allows Jane to be creative in creating.

What sets the GILD collection apart from the GILD Made to Measure Collection?

The GILD collection is made up of truly Singular JP designs. GILD Made to Measure pieces are JP Signature styles that the client can customize by selecting the stone and setting of their choice.

Am I able to select my stone for a JP engagement ring?

If you are looking to select the stone for your engagement ring, there are two ways to do about this: GILD Made to Measure or the JP Custom Experience. The GILD MTM collection is made up of a group of signature JP styles. Each of the styles is offered with options of diamonds of varying sizes and qualities. These pieces allow you to customize your signature JP ring.  

The JP Custom process allows the client to go one step further and create a ring just for them. We work with clients to choose their stone, create a custom setting, and makes edits throughout the process that allow them to be a part of creating their one of a kind Custom JP ring.  

Are GILD Made to Measure Rings the same as custom projects?

GILD Made to Measure pieces are customizable, in that you get to choose your stone and setting. 

JP Custom Projects are made with the client's specifications in mind. The JP Custom Experience allows for more input in the design phase. It also involves a certain faith in Jane and the team to execute your vision.

Am I able to use an heirloom stone in a GILD Made to Measure piece?

Absolutely! We love working with client's heirloom stones. 

Am I able to customize a GILD collection ring?

Each of the GILD collection rings is truly a singular piece. Any customization of these styles would be part of the JP Custom Experience.   

Are all GILD and GILD Made to Measure pieces handcrafted?

Each JP piece is handmade in our Charleston studio.

xx Jane

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I am feeling all the feels of LOVE in 2024.  I am grateful for health, for new opportunities at JP Jewelry (with the 2024 Gold Initiative + an incredible trip to Tucson for some seriously gorgeous jewels), for my incredible female team, for my amazing friends.  I am just feeling all the feels.

I also received a great email from R. Runberg Curiosities, encouraging me to "forget saccharine gestures and outdated conventions" and "LOVE YOUR FRIENDS. LOVE YOUR SWEETHEART.  LOVE YOURSELF."  This resonated with me extra this year. 

I created a very special collection of JP SELF LOVE Rings that are made up of some simple reminders to to brighten your day. The New JP METEORITE HEART Necklaces are near and dear to my heart as well.  After making one for my daughter years ago, I found a few more in Tucson that we have added to the collection.  They are each singular and out of this world cool. 

I also had the honor of helping my daughter with some very special necklaces for her besties that she designed to give them for Love Day.  I have been giving extra big hugs to my family.  And I have been thinking about how I want to give back to my community this year. 

I used to hate Valentine's Day and the idea of it, but this year and in years to come it has new meaning for me.  It's a time to celebrate LOVE in all of it's forms.  Who doesn't need a reminder of that?

xx Jane


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A little update

A little update

I was going to come here and give you an update on some health stuff that I went through this fall, but I just realized that at the same time that I was recovering from yet another brain surgery*, JP celebrated 15 years!  WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  I am so incredibly grateful for every day I get to do what I love with this amazing team of women surrounding me.  

I recently sat down with Sarah Frick of The Works and Lindsay Collins of Effin B radio to tape an episode for their Are Your For Real? podcast (COMING SOON!!) - my first experience doing anything like this.  In doing so I did a little walk down memory lane with these two accomplished, cool, boss ladies and friends.  It was so fun to look back at my first days, some of the many highlights, and a few blunders with the gift of perspective.  Of course telling these few anecdotes got me thinking. I have smiled so much this week, thinking of all I have experienced, accomplished, overcome, and gotten the privilege of including in my story: The JP story.  I was reminded yet again of the layers of life. Of influences. Of inspiration.  Of experience.  Of relationships, which are the heart of this business.

I have spent some time this week going back and looking at past designs, photo shoots, custom projects and other imagery that has brought me so much joy.  I plan to share these memories with you all via social media over time.  Please excuse the photography, as some are pre-iphone 15 technology.  I just can't help but share all of these parts and pieces of JP.

I cannot thank you all enough for following along this incredible journey with me!  BIG LOVE.

xx Jane

For those of you who do not know my story, you can go here to read the back story or here for the 10 year update 

*I am well... better than ever, in fact!  I was having really bad headaches for months, making excuses for why.  I ended up back at my neurosurgeon's office and they ordered an MRI which showed that my brain was not draining and pressure was increasing and causing the headaches.  I had to have surgery to have a shunt put in my brain and a tube from the device to my stomach to drain the fluid.  I am forever in awe of the Neurosurgery team and the staff at MUSC and am forever grateful for their incredible care.  The recovery was brutal, but brief and I have felt better than ever since then.  I don't think I knew I was in the pain I was in before, until it was remedied. Bottom line here is: listen to your bodies.  


photo courtesy of the first JP photo shoot on the streets of NYC with my super talented friend Lindsey Belle Photography

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JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

I am very excited to announce the JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste, and any negative impact we have on our planet. After having many clients looking to reuse their gold as a way to reduce the cost of their pieces, this initiative was born. In 2024, we will be offering to recycle gold pieces you no longer wear in exchange for a credit toward a JP piece or custom project.

This is a two part mission that we are exploring right before your eyes. Most gold must be refined before it can be used in casting. If solder has not been used in the piece, it can be used in conjunction with refined gold in casting. This is a complex initiative, of which we can only iron out the details by getting started.  

My hope is that by recycling gold in our manufacturing processes, we are taking a small step to help reduce our footprint. Secondly, we would like to be able to offer a credit for gold toward a JP purchase for those of you who have pieces you no longer wear, but know they have value.  

While we have always used 100% recycled gold in our casting, now your gold will be part of doing better. JP pieces are cast using recycled gold in each casting in 2024.

These pieces are carefully assessed for quality and purity before being meticulously transformed in house.

Credit value is dependent on weight and kt of gold.
Credit amount to client will be 100% of market value of gold price on the day JP processes intake.
Credit up to $500 can be used toward a JP Collection purchase.
Credit up to $1500 can be used toward a JP Custom Project*.
Credits must be used within 1 calendar year or client forfeits credit to JP.
Shipping of gold is the responsibility of client both ways.
Stone recovery available at a charge depending on number of stones, cuts, and setting. Cost of recovery will be evaluated and sent to client before moving forward - approx. $25-$250.



Upon receipt of goods, JP will weigh and inspect items.  We will asses stone retrieval if client desires. We will be in touch within 2 weeks with an offer for the amount of the credit and cost of any services on our end to move forward. Once we have approval, we are able to send a discount code to be used on the website to make a purchase or toward your custom project. All credits must be used within one calendar year from the issue date of the code or they will be forfeited.  If client decides not to move forward with credit, client will be responsible for paying return shipping label within 30 days or all materials will become property of JP.

Please note:  If your gold contains solder it will be refined before we will use it.
Because some gold will have elements that cannot be used for casting, there will be a test to determine if the metals sent in are able to be recycled in house. If they are not, they will be refined at the EOY**.

*JP is able to use stones over 4mm for custom projects.

** Our metal refiner values standards set for environmental responsibility and has various certifications recognizing a continued effort to reduce their environmental footprint.

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JP Small, Women Owned, and Local Love

JP Small, Women Owned, and Local Love

I am always looking for ways to support small, local and female owned businesses in our community, especially around this crazy time of year. I am determined to continue to take the extra step to make choices about supporting local + small businesses + women owned when possible.  I am also a big fan of gifting experiences: a drink, a workout class, or a meal with a friend is often much better than a material item. So gift your bestie, your honey, your mom, or your backup one of the below, don your JP faves and head out to support some of these Charleston spots:

Classes at The Works / The Works Cycle - My go to workout destinations for some sweaty, soulful fitness. Small, local, and women owned!  The trifecta in my book.

A New Style from Shoes On King - Fave stop for shoes right on King Street.  So many great brands. S,L,W

A Bottle from Monarch Wines - Yummy newer wines are their expertise.  Justin is an absolute genius and knows so much about the wines in the shop.  Several of the natural wines he suggested are from women wine makers- which I love!  I would pick up some natural wines to gift share with friends and family this holiday season.  S,L

An Arrangement by Flowershop CHS - THE most gorgeous flowers of all time.  S,L,W

42 Pressed - clean candle scents + cool letter pressed maps by ever talented Jackie. S,L,W

Concert Tickets at The Refinery - experience gifts are always a fave! S,L

Gift card to The Whale - this spot has endless options for the beer savant + a variety of food trucks available to enjoy a nice evening al fresco.  S,L

Date night drink at the Last Saint + dinner at my favorite FIG. S,L

Little black dress + my favorite Climate Beneficial Duster from Vincent James for above mentioned night out.


xx Jane

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JP Lust List

JP Lust List

If I am being honest, I am the type of person who wears the same jewelry for a long time.  I am, in many ways, a creature of habit.  I find things that I love and make me smile and I wear them over and over.  Same goes for jewelry.  I don't pick a stack or plan out what I am going to wear with what, but I add pieces to my personal collection and edit them over time until it feels right.  I then stay loyal to these pieces over time, only adding zingers when I need an extra punch.  At the moment, I am IN LOVE with my wearable collection.  These are a blend of price points and styles, but the weight of the latest group feels very me where I am right now.  Below are my lust list items from my current JP dream collection.

I am obsessed with the JP Incline Band with my JP Name Rings (never take them off). The height and sparkle elevate my JP stack.

I have also more recently taken to the bold lines of the JP 3mm Straight Band with my all time fave JP Knife Edge Band + the JP Seven Point Emerald Ring of my dreams.  The stack is modern and clean and makes me smile.


Arm staples are the JP Rounded Cuff + JP Baguette Diamond on Ball Chain.  Both I never take off and love how easy they are to wear.  They have become every day staples.

My neck game has become one of my faves at the moment.  I put on the JP Box Chain Necklace a few months ago and have not taken it off since.  The chain offers a perfect balance to the JP Aquamarine Bar Necklace (or the JP Partial Bezel Emerald Cut Diamond on Ball Chain... I die.).  Topped off by the JP Line Necklace:  the perfect amount of every day sparkle to make this necklace stack just right for me.

I am lusting after the NEW JP Chain earrings and have a mix of those + JP studs for my lineup.  So many good JP Earring options.

Need help with your JP wishlist?  We are offering appointment times to come in for a private viewing to build your wishlist.  We are happy to give a little nudge on your behalf as well.  

xx Jane

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I recently went to a local pop-up here in Charleston and stumbled upon the most beautiful goods by BOND & GRACE.  I wanted to pack up the entire table and take it home - their incredibly thoughtful and absolutely gorgeous Art Novel™ coffee table books, wrapping paper, and ornaments in collaboration with artist Karen Davis were divine.  Don't even get me started on the gorgeous arrangements by my favorite, Flowershop CHS.  They were to die for!  I always love to support women owned businesses, and loved meeting one of the founders of B&G as well as Katie from Holy City Handwriting. It feels serendipitous that i stopped by the pop up and connected with these two female powered businesses.  Girl Power!

images with gift wrap, jewelry, and flowers

I have been feeling very thankful for those of you who have followed along since day one and those of you who are new to JP.  We receive so many kind messages from clients about how much their JP pieces mean to them, and how incredible each one makes them feel. Nothing makes me happier than your kind words.

In an effort to thank you all for your kindness, I wanted to offer some super special, and gorgeous gift wrapping on us.  This will keep our little packaging a holiday mystery for a little longer. (We know how much you all love to see that JP custom packaging under the tree, but there isn't much better than a surprise!).

We have worked with Bond & Grace to procure their gorgeous marble and toile wrapping paper, and Holy City Caligraphy for some truly special To:/From: cards to create the most beautiful THANK YOU on all JP Sales Nov 16 +17.  It's our small business Saturday of sorts.  

 photos of gift wrapping

I truly appreciate you all.

xx Jane

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It has been a minute since I updated the JP Charleston list and lots of new places have opened (and some closed), so here we go with the updated list-

| EAT |


THE DAILY – This is the perfect spot to grab a yummy breakfast taco and matcha latte or a kale salad for lunch.

HARBINGER – Great for coffee and a pastry or quiche. It is also salad heaven at lunchtime. This tiny little spot on upper king street has a selection of pre made salads. I typically get the salad sampler. They also have quiches, breads, and grab n go section of goodness.

HARKEN - This precious cafe is on Queen Street in historic Charleston. They have delicious pastries and other bites and a couple of seats if you are lucky enough to snag one.  


167 RAW UPDATE:  this spot got a new home on KING Street and it's former tiny spot is 167 Sushi (same owners). This is a great spot to meet for a lunch date or to meet a friend who is in town. It’s pretty tiny, and there is nowhere to wait except outside (in the heat if it’s summer, so be prepared). I like to get there around 11:45 to snag a spot before the line builds up outside. Your entire party has to be there to be seated as well. I get the special salad every time. It features whatever fresh seafood they have on top of a variety of fresh veggies and a yummy dressing du jour. The ceviche and crudo options are always fab, and the hubby loves the "pastramied" fish sandwich.

167 SUSHI BAR - The former location of 167 Raw is now a sushi bar. Same tiny spot with a great staff and delicious sushi

BAR 167 - This new spot opened up in the former Fulton Five location. I went for an early dinner recently and it was LOVELY! The cocktails were delish and we ordered several small plates to share. It's a great place for a meet up and it's super cute.

BASIC KITCHEN – Super yummy and healthy lunches. It has a very California feel, and cuisine to match.

BUTCHER & BEE- I love B&B for lunch, but supper is great too. I had the most fun ladies dinner there recently. So many good options in the mezze section to share (or not)– the grilled radishes with harissa honey and tahini are divine as are the roasted carrots with yogurt and salsa verde. I also love the beet burger and kale salad. The pan seared fish with pea & fennel puree, snap peas, herb pistou, crispy leeks for dinner. They have delish cocktails as well.

GOAT SHEEP COW NORTH UPDATE NOW with BABA'S INSIDE!  – I finally made my way to this cute little spot that I have been dying to try for a ladies lunch recently. It was Bastille Day and super festive in there. The rose was flowing and the food was delish! I want to go back again soon.

HURIYALI – This uber healthy little nook on Huger street is a fave because my kiddos love their smoothies. We sit in the back patio and get something really healthy and they can play outside. They have THE most amazing Coconut water that they have not had in forever. I am really hoping they bring it back, because it was the best thing I have ever tasted.

LEWIS’ – If you are up for a fairly fast, and deliciously heavier lunch, this is your spot. The brisket is to die for!! I get the lean cut + collards (not greasy and pork flavored like many bbq joints) + coleslaw which is vinegar based and light + a pile of pickles. The Turkey is also yum, and my hubs likes the country fried chicken with gravy, for those of you wanting to REALLY overdo it.

PARK CAFE UPDATE PARK & GROVE This great neighborhood spot is super cozy tucked into our old neighborhood, Hampton Park. It's new name and facelift are great and the menu is simply yummy.  

XIAO BAO BISCUIT – This cool spot is in an old gas station turned hip “Asian soul food” spot. The cabbage pancake is ridonkulously delish. It’s a great place to share a few little dishes. 


This summer the hubby and I have been doing a standing date night once a week which has been a fun way to jump back into the Charleston Restaurant scene.

CHEZ NOUS – This spot is so so good. You may want to check their Instagram to find out if what is on the daily menu is up your alley, but it is rare that it’s not.

CHUBBY FISH – I had heard of this brand new spot from a friend and hubby and I hit it up within the first week of opening. We sat at the bar and ordered several dishes and got to watch the chefs prepare each one. The Octopus was delish with a yummy parsley, fennel, hot pepper salad. The Barbequed Shrimp over rice was spicy and super flavorful. Even the simple Squash Salad with sunflower seeds and parmesan was simple and delish. It’s on the corner of Coming and Bogard streets which host other cute spots like MINI BAR and Tratorria Lucca.

FIG – The bar is definitely tops for date night. Their recent renovation has made the bar area so cozy and the food cannot be beat.

INDACO – This rustic Italian spot is great for bigger groups. They have plates that can be shared as well as wood fired pizzas.

KWEI FEI UPDATE This pop-up found it's permanent location in West Ashley beside the Pour House. I love this Szechuan restaurant, formerly a popup inside The Daily. You will find David Schuttenberg cooking up a storm and his lovely wife Tina greeting you at the counter to order. Learn more about Dave and how he got where he is now on his episode of EFFINBRADIO

LEON’S – This is an all time fave spot for groups or a date. Siam Salad and the Clam lettuce wraps are at the top of my list, but you can't go wrong with the fried chicken sandwich if you are looking for a more robust meal.

ORDINARY – I love Mike Lata’s latest seafood spot. The fish specials have been amazing, as well as the crudo and the oyster sliders. If you are with a group, the seafood tower is also a good way to go.

STELLA’S – This is a great family owned Greek restaurant. Be ready to be immersed in Greek culture – the music, the décor and the FOOD! So yummy and the menu is extensive.


BIN 152 UPDATE: I have been here twice. It is so cute and the perfect post to meet a friend. This wine bar that has been open for years, but I have yet to make it in there.


BELMONT – Hand crafted cocktails made by dapper looking guys. I love the big blocks of ice.

GRAFT – Amazing wines + the team of Femi and Miles

| STAY |

ZERO GEORGE – This boutique hotel gem is nestled in several old Charleston houses/buildings. It is a great location steps from great shopping, many historic sites and restaurants. They have bikes you can borrow to get around the city, which is a great way to check out the peninsula without dealing with parking and car traffic. The rooms are beautiful and they have a lovely patio for wine + cheese board at happy hour. This is a great spot for a weekend getaway with your love or even a girls weekend.

THE DEWBERRY – This spot is located in the old federal building on Meeting Street. I love the vintage modern feel. The rooms are amazing as is the customer service and bar area. This is a great place to stay with a group of couples, because they have plenty of rooms, and the lobby offers a great space to hang. The spa is also ridiculous, whether you are staying at the Dewberry or a local. Ask for Kaleigh!

86 CANNON STREET- This is a cute newer, boutique hotel in the Cannonborough Street shopping district.

SPECTATOR – I love the bar at this hotel. Can’t wait to stay there sometime.

| SHOP |

AILLEA UPDATE: this spot moved to Mt Pleasant. New shop for all of your non-toxic beauty needs. Halleluija!

FLOWERSHOP CHARLESTON – Whether you need a bundle, a vase of flowers, or a flower crown, this little spot packs quite a punch. So many gorgeous flowers by Lily and her crew.

HAMPDEN CLOTHING – So many great designers in one spot. Not to be missed + its shoe counterpart, James is just next door.

MONARCH WINES – This cute wine shop is located beside the Harbinger on upper king street. Justin is there to help you pick the perfect bottle of wine!  More from Justin on this episode of EFFINBRADIO.

SUGAR BAKESHOP – You do not want to miss these sweet treats if you are out and about. As you wander around Cannonborough, stop in for a ginger molasses cookie or an almond cupcake with a sugared blueberry on top.


The GAILLARD – Recently renovated, this iconic Charleston spot hosts many types of events including dance, music, and comedy.

MUSIC FARM - This standing room only intimate venue hosts all genres of music from up and coming artists to old favorites.

CHARLESTON MUSIC HALL - This is a seated venue that hosts comedians (Second City Tour coming in September), film series, concerts and more.


FAVE LOCAL PODCAST – EffinBradio + Are you for real?





THE ALLEY – This is a family friendly bowling alley and restaurant…. Until the evening when it cranks up more as a bar.

HOMETEAM – Great, casual food for adults and kiddos and room for them to roam around


A post about areas surrounding the Peninsula coming soon.

xx Jane

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This makes us as proud as anything we have accomplished here at JP Jewelry over the past 15 years: we are 100% MADE IN CHS. This makes me so excited to share that all of our pieces are crafted in our sister business Conscious Casting LLC right here in our joint studio in Charleston, SC. If you know anything about the jewelry business, it is quite a feat that we are a woman owned and woman powered team here at JP Studios. The industry has been predominantly male dominated in the past, so this give us great joy to be breaking the mold.

At some point, we are excited to offer our services to other designers, but at this point we are settling in and getting our processes perfected before we open that door.

We are so thankful for the support and kindness you all have shown us over the years. Here's to many more!

xx JP

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