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JP Layer Love

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JP Layer Love

I have been having so much fun layering necklaces lately.  While stacking rings, studs, and bracelets has been easy for me, layering JP necklaces haa taken me a little more time to master.  But alas, I think I have done it.  Some necklace stacking hacks I have come across they help my layering look really nice.

JP DIAMOND LINE NECKLACE: the addition of the JP Line Necklace to the collection has been game changing really.  I love how it's the perfect amount of sparkle alone while still allowing for layering of other necklaces.

Differing JP Chains:  layering in different chains not only looks really interesting, the varying chain types can keep the chains from tangling. Currently loving the JP PARTIAL BEZEL DIAMOND Necklaces on the ball chain.

Staple Naked JP Chains:  Adding in a plain chain can help create some interest.  I LOVE the JP BOX CHAIN NECKLACE as a layering piece.

Fine JP Chains:  This is my biggest hurdle, I used to layer too many delicate chains of different lengths and they just became a tangled mess.  I think sticking to one delicate chain when layering is best.  My fave one at the moment is the JP ASSCHER CUT MALAYA GARNET NECKLACE.

I have had virtually no tangles by following the above and using only one delicate chain.  

Hope you find your perfect JP necklace layer love!

xx Jane