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JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative

I am very excited to announce the JP 2024 Recycle Gold Initiative. I am always looking for ways to reduce waste, and any negative impact we have on our planet. After having many clients looking to reuse their gold as a way to reduce the cost of their pieces, this initiative was born. In 2024, we will be offering to recycle gold pieces you no longer wear in exchange for a credit toward a JP piece or custom project.

This is a two part mission that we are exploring right before your eyes. Most gold must be refined before it can be used in casting. If solder has not been used in the piece, it can be used in conjunction with refined gold in casting. This is a complex initiative, of which we can only iron out the details by getting started.  

My hope is that by recycling gold in our manufacturing processes, we are taking a small step to help reduce our footprint. Secondly, we would like to be able to offer a credit for gold toward a JP purchase for those of you who have pieces you no longer wear, but know they have value.  

While we have always used 100% recycled gold in our casting, now your gold will be part of doing better. JP pieces are cast using recycled gold in each casting in 2024.

These pieces are carefully assessed for quality and purity before being meticulously transformed in house.

Credit value is dependent on weight and kt of gold.
Credit amount to client will be 100% of market value of gold price on the day JP processes intake.
Credit up to $500 can be used toward a JP Collection purchase.
Credit up to $1500 can be used toward a JP Custom Project*.
Credits must be used within 1 calendar year or client forfeits credit to JP.
Shipping of gold is the responsibility of client both ways.
Stone recovery available at a charge depending on number of stones, cuts, and setting. Cost of recovery will be evaluated and sent to client before moving forward - approx. $25-$250.



Upon receipt of goods, JP will weigh and inspect items.  We will asses stone retrieval if client desires. We will be in touch within 2 weeks with an offer for the amount of the credit and cost of any services on our end to move forward. Once we have approval, we are able to send a discount code to be used on the website to make a purchase or toward your custom project. All credits must be used within one calendar year from the issue date of the code or they will be forfeited.  If client decides not to move forward with credit, client will be responsible for paying return shipping label within 30 days or all materials will become property of JP.

Please note:  If your gold contains solder it will be refined before we will use it.
Because some gold will have elements that cannot be used for casting, there will be a test to determine if the metals sent in are able to be recycled in house. If they are not, they will be refined at the EOY**.

*JP is able to use stones over 4mm for custom projects.

** Our metal refiner values standards set for environmental responsibility and has various certifications recognizing a continued effort to reduce their environmental footprint.

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I recently went to a local pop-up here in Charleston and stumbled upon the most beautiful goods by BOND & GRACE.  I wanted to pack up the entire table and take it home - their incredibly thoughtful and absolutely gorgeous Art Novel™ coffee table books, wrapping paper, and ornaments in collaboration with artist Karen Davis were divine.  Don't even get me started on the gorgeous arrangements by my favorite, Flowershop CHS.  They were to die for!  I always love to support women owned businesses, and loved meeting one of the founders of B&G as well as Katie from Holy City Handwriting. It feels serendipitous that i stopped by the pop up and connected with these two female powered businesses.  Girl Power!

images with gift wrap, jewelry, and flowers

I have been feeling very thankful for those of you who have followed along since day one and those of you who are new to JP.  We receive so many kind messages from clients about how much their JP pieces mean to them, and how incredible each one makes them feel. Nothing makes me happier than your kind words.

In an effort to thank you all for your kindness, I wanted to offer some super special, and gorgeous gift wrapping on us.  This will keep our little packaging a holiday mystery for a little longer. (We know how much you all love to see that JP custom packaging under the tree, but there isn't much better than a surprise!).

We have worked with Bond & Grace to procure their gorgeous marble and toile wrapping paper, and Holy City Caligraphy for some truly special To:/From: cards to create the most beautiful THANK YOU on all JP Sales Nov 16 +17.  It's our small business Saturday of sorts.  

 photos of gift wrapping

I truly appreciate you all.

xx Jane

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It has been such fun collaborating with Raven Roxanne on the JP x RAVEN ROXANNE FALLING TULIP Collection. Raven and I have been friends for years and studio mates at our last spot. She is such a light and and an all around lovely human. As creatives and entrepreneurs, we wanted to work together to create a collection of wearable pieces with her work with tulips in mind.  I am beyond excited to announce the launch these pieces today!  Read more about the collaboration below.

Raven Roxanne first met jewelry designer Jane Pope nearly a decade ago, when Raven’s husband worked with Jane to create her engagement ring. Years later, the two became studio mates at Slate Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, where they continued to admire and find inspiration in one another’s work. With practices rooted in modernism, both artists are drawn to playfulness and Old World softness, their styles complementing each other naturally.
Over time, Raven and Jane’s relationship has evolved into one of mutual respect and deep friendship. Ever supportive in the studio, the artists have also anchored each other through life’s shifting stages. When Raven returned to the studio after the birth of her first child, she found a familiar confidant in Jane, who could bring wisdom, advice and a new perspective to motherhood. This new chapter in life brought the two even closer and with it a new spark of inspiration.
Conceived early in Raven’s motherhood, Falling Tulips breathed new life into the artists’ studios. Marrying Raven’s tulip motif—a theme that appears often in her paintings—with Jane’s unique wax molding and gold casting process, the collaboration felt organic from the start. With only three pairs of earrings and three necklaces, the collection captures tulips not at their most pristine, but at varying stages of growth and imperfection. Together, the pieces represent the beauty of evolution, and the value of growing together—not unlike the artists’ relationship itself.
xx Jane
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Jane Styles: Rings

Jane Styles: Rings

Ahhhhh ring styling.  I love it.   
People always ask would I do this or do that, and the answer is yes!  I do it all.  I love experimenting with stacking rings.  

Some of my tried and true suggestions:

Mix shapes/lines - eg. Try one with straight sides, rounded, curved all worn together.  

Switch the order - Sometimes switching the order of the bands will make them look completely different.

Mix thick and thin - The thin flat bands and twig rings have an amazing ability to give depth to a stack.  It's amazing what a little texture will add to a stack.

Add a stack topper - Most people think that you should bookend rings so that there are two matching bands on either side of your main event ring.  This can be lovely, but I also love two different bands on one side (or three) with a zinger on top.  There is something incredibly balanced in the imbalance.

Don't be afraid to try things you wouldn't think are you.  You just may surprise yourself.

xx Jane

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Jane Styles: Necklace

Jane Styles: Necklace

You may have noticed that I rarely post necklace shots on myself while rings are easy peasy. Necklaces are so tricky to get a candid studio shots. Based on instagram engagement, it doesn't seem like you love the model shots as much as the candid shots.  The truth is that they are necessary to show styling tips for necklaces.

I wouldn't advise styling too many necklaces on our smallest chain. While it is durable, delicate style chains tend to tangle and can be a mess when piled on.  I do love a mix of a couple of chains.  A longer heavier chain with a shorter delicate chain is a staple for me.  I love layering my kiddos fingerprint necklace with a shorter necklace.  

I also adore the new heavier chains with a diamond zinger worn together. It's a nice way to give some extra volume to to your favorite simple necklace. 

Necklace styling for me is on the subtle side, but if you love to pile chains on, the more the merrier.

xx Jane 

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Jane Styles: Earrings

Jane Styles: Earrings

I love being able to show how I would style the jewelry in natural light and every day clothes. Earrings are super difficult to snap in the studio. To be presentable enough to photograph means I have to have showered and done my hair and make up in some fashion, which is an added pressure.  So, I thought I would take to the blog to go in depth a little more about styling in my new series Jane Styles.

I love mixing and matching earrings. I have 5 piercings on my left ear and 3 on my right.  You would think I could wear all of my faves at once, but it's all a matter of balance.  I pierced a few of my own holes in my youth, so the spacing isn't perfect either.  Cest la vie.  Work with what you have and choose earrings accordingly.

I have found that a balance of bars, studs, drops, etc works best for me.

fave drops: bar with half moon diamond drops + drop earrings

bars:  triplicate + slate bar studs + tubes

diamond studs:  any diamond studs add dimension to the stack.  try to mix the shapes for balance and depth.

The art of stacking involves a mixture of the above styles.  Here are a few examples of my fave combinations:



I love a drop mixed in for some impact.

 Looking for a pop of color? These new citrine cocktail studs are a great neutral color while the spinel, sapphire, and tourmaline studs as well as these other new colored studs add more of a pop.



Have a single hole?  No worries.  We's got you covered too.

hoops + plate studs + NEW 5mm bezel set diamond studs + covey studs are all great everyday earrings.

antiparos studs offer more coverage, while still being sleek.

climbers give the illusion of more going on without committing to the multiple holes In your lobes.



Looking for a statement maker:

frond + triad + diamond disc + constellation studs


Hope this helps you with your next ear bedazzlement.  Do you like these styling tips? Do give feedback.


xx Jane 

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What can I do? What can WE do?

What can I do?  What can WE do?

What an interesting space we are in right now.  With so much uncertainty swirling around, I feel oddly calm.  I am normally ridden with anxiety, so I am not sure why I do not have an unusual amount around this situation.  I am not sure if I am like a bird with my head in the sand, but I feel oddly positive about the future.  I feel a need to take a pause or slow down with what is going on.  Life and work have been so busy lately.  A little time to step back and refocus just might be the silver lining here?

When I was in the hospital 7 years ago, it was insane to me the medical bills that we accrued.  While I was not 100% with-it and my husband dealt with them all, it blew my mind the little tidbits and numbers that he shared with me.  Thankfully, we had insurance and an insanely powerful support system.  I believe that I wouldn't have gotten through that time in my life without the help of every single meal delivered, babysitting; without the unwavering support of my mom who moved to our town for a month, and when I still needed help came to drive the kiddos and me home every day and stayed with us when my husband was traveling for work overnight; my dad driving me to Duke multiple times that year to have my eye sight repaired with two surgeries and follow up appointments; and most importantly the support of my husband who carpooled the kiddos to two schools and me to my office and then worked all hours and fought with the insurance company over every bill and dealt with my memory lapse and grumpy attitude that I only let him see.  You are a saint, Tyler Cooper.

What do people do who do not have a support system?  Parents who can't drop everything and come running to help you raise your own babies?  Or the means or know how to dispute the insurance company over the bills?   I have thought about those people a lot over the past year, and how I want to do more to uplift women and children in need.  I keep thinking how can I help? How can WE help?

Everything I keep seeing is that there are children who get two meals a day at school.  With schools being closed, how will these children get meals?  I want to help. I hate to think of a child not getting the basics they need.  I have decided to donate a portion of sales while schools are shut down over the upcoming weeks to help feed children who are not getting meals because they are not attending school.  I will make a weekly donation to a food bank that provides food for children and mothers in need.

I have been talking about starting a foundation for the past year.  I get asked to donate items to many events throughout the year. I love to donate, but have felt over the past couple of years that I want to attempt concentrated efforts to increase my impact.  This only fuels my desire to start my foundation... for situations just like this where mother's and children need a leg up during difficult times.  My goal is to periodically make donations to charities with a strong mission to help women and children locally, nationally, or globally.  For now I will be making donations weekly to help feed children affected by school closings due to the coronavirus.

Stay well and positive about how we can have an impact on those less fortunate during this un-chartered territory.


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Perfecting the FINGERPRINT

Perfecting the FINGERPRINT

The custom FINGERPRINT necklaces are quickly becoming a fan favorite.  Each one is so sweet and shows the personality of each child... I mean, no two are alike.  How cool and special are they.  I wanted to capture a couple of cuties in the process so I reached out to two people I knew wanted to get their little nuggets' fingerprints captured. 

First I contacted my friend Gray Benko.  I knew she wanted a slightly more delicate version of the traditional fingerprints I had done before.  Although, she deferred to me in the end for the perfect size, I decided to try to modify hers some to make them as thin and little as possible without losing any of the special quality.  I am BURSTING to see what Gray thinks of them.  They are so cute and her precious kiddos, Farris and Charlie are such characters and Gray incredibly lovely and an awesome mom.

The second person I wanted to send a test kit to was Marina Squerciati from Chicago PD. She had contacted us about a fingerprint necklace for her little girl.  Marina is such a beauty and so kind and her daughter is little, so we thought it was a perfect test client.  Her fingerprints turned out so cute and Marina sent some precious videos and pics of them capturing it with out kit.

Each kit comes with easy instructions for capturing each child's fingerprint.  The imprints don't have to be perfect.  That is often what makes them so special.  A couple of times one has looked nothing like the other it is paired with, and I have asked the parents if they want me to alter them to make the necklace more uniform.  It is typically indicative of the child's personality and they want to leave it just as it is... which I love.   These necklaces are so much fun, and getting them to clients makes me super happy.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!

xx Jane

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