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We get lots of questions about ring sizing.  This is a tricky one.  Ring size had a lot to do with personal preference.  I will do my best to walk you through my thoughts on rings and how I size my personal rings. 

My fingers measure on our in-house ring sizer as such:

My left hand ring finger measures a 5.5
Middle & pointer fingers a 7
right hand ring finger 6
right hand middle and pointer 7.25- 7.5

All of this can fluctuate with heat/cold, salt, and alcohol or less of either of the aforementioned.  

I am pretty easy breezy about my rings. I don't mind if they are a little loose or if one is a bit off in size than the other.  The only thing I cannot stand is rings that are too tight.

On my left hand ring finger, I wear a simple stack, and often throw in an extra band or two on any given day.  I always wear my antique platinum diamond eternity band similar here. I have worn the JP KNIFE EDGE band with it for a really long time now (like I almost feel like it is mine which I never do). My antique engagement ring (when I am not borrowing a GILD piece) tops this simple stack.  My wedding band is approximately 1.8mm wide - size 5.75, the knife edge 3.5mm - size 6, and the band of my engagement ring is 1.2mm. - size 6.  The engagement ring rotates around on a day when my hands feel small and is tighter at times.  Each of the rings is loose when worn alone on that finger.  


On my right hand I typically wear my kiddos NAME RINGS on middle and ring stacked with other rings middle finger here stacked with the JP 3mm SIX POINT.

Rings with larger stones tend to be a bit top heavy and can rotate around the finger.  Especially ones with a thinner band like the XL PRONG or Eight Prong rings are ones we suggest ordering at least a 1/4 size down.  You want to make sure you size down in larger stone rings in general, and those that sit higher.

When I try on the wider bands, I always want them bigger in size.  I like the cigar band at least in a size 6 for my left hand ring finger and the JP WOMENS PACIFIC and JP WOMENS SWELL bands on my right hand in a 6.5-6.75. The straight lines and side of these two bands makes me want plenty of room.  

If your hands don't ever swell and shrink... lucky you.  If you are like me and yours do, I would suggest thinking more about how you like your rings to fit than about the size.  if you like them to stay in place and fit snuggly, take your size for face value.  If you want to have more wiggle room with the sizes to fluctuate and some movement won't bug you, but instead makes you smile, then size accordingly.   

Things to remember:

The more rings you stack, the tighter they will fit no matter how thin they are.  Put the rings on one at a time, instead of jamming the whole stack on at once.
The wider the band is, the tighter it will fit. A larger, heavier will fit more loosely.
Comfort fit means the edges are rounded and thus will fit more loosely. Straight sided bands feel tighter.

As always, we have the at-home ring sizer that we can send you if you are in the continental US. Simply email with your request and your shipping address.  


xx Jane