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This Is Home - Living

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This Is Home - Living

We have finally gotten our little Sullivans Island spot in a place that I wanted to share it with you all in a short blog series.  My house is always a work in progress, so it's not perfect, but I love it so.  While some people like to decorate their homes top to bottom at once, I like to gather things over time.  I collect pieces that I love, so that the space looks like me, is functional and comfortable for my family.

Lately, I have been overcome with a desire to simplify my life.  This last move was a bear!  The process made it clear to me that we had accumulated too much junk in our home before.  It was startling to see how much we had that we didn't need or want, and we simply didn't have space for it in our new island spot. In our new little home on Sullivans, I wanted to be more deliberate in making some decisions and transforming our house into a home.

Our Celadon sectional from several years back had seen better days.  Lots of spills and little kiddos with sticky fingers on the sofa had left it looking a little worn.  Not only that, but the sofa never fit our space properly.  We bought it eyeballing the space and without consulting anyone, which is typically how we roll.   


When it came time to find the sofa for our new home, I wanted it to be just right.  I wanted it to hold our whole family comfortably, to be beautiful AND to have some seriously stain resistant fabric for the aforementioned sticky fingers. Why do my children use their shirts, sofa, anything other than the napkin in front of them to wipe their hands??

I love Celadon Home in Mount Pleasant, so that was the first place I thought of for my search.  I was matched with a design consultant, Sue Harris who was such a help in the process.   She came in our home, took pics of the space and we discussed what I had in mind as well as our family needs.  I showed her some sofas that I liked and together we were able to pick the perfect sectional for our family for our little living room.  After settling on a Robin Bruce sectional, we discussed fabrics.  I wanted something light and bright and STAIN RESISTANT.  I was thrilled to hear about CRYPTON to keep my little sticky people from turning our new centerpiece into a mess.  When the sofa arrived, I immediately noticed the difference between the scale of it and our previous sectional and I recognized how off we had been.  We added some beautiful pillows and voila. Hallelujah!  At long last, we have the perfect sofa for our space.  THANK YOU CELADON&SUE!!!!

Celadon has an Upholstery Sale twice a year and it just so happen that it starts tomorrow for the month of September!!  It is the only time of year that they offer 20% off both in-stock & special order upholstered furniture.  The Special Order part is what really sweetens this deal.  Happy Shopping!

These rattan chairs made even better with these new Celadon pillows. Love our Sarah Boyts Yoder works hanging in acrylic frames by Simply Framed in the kitchen.

We added a few new items to our Celadon shelf from more than 10 years ago, throws on our ladder, and plants in baskets from Indonesia.  New pillows add a hint of color and texture to the neutral sofa.


I had these open shelves built to make this wall more functional.  I mixed in some of my old faves with some new kitchen items from Celadon.  I also love all of Celadon's greenery and planting options - baskets, pots, vases, etc.

These chairs I bought at the 72nd street flea market in NYC when we were living in a 5th floor walk up with zero space for any extra chairs.  My hubby really questioned my judgement when I insisted that we had to have them and then made him help me schlep them to the apt only to find 4 little spots around to leave them until we go to a home where we had a dining room table.  11 years later, they are our every day dinner chairs and I am so happy that I went with my gut and got them.  Paired with my grandparents old heart pine table, they are perfect and make me super happy.


xx Jane


Thank you for capturing our home in its best light, Lindsey Shorter!