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The Hubby and I love to entertain small groups, and our home is perfect for entertaining.  While our home is small, we have a great wrap around porch for an alfresco dinner and have enjoyed many dinners under the stars.  Our house was built in the 80's, but was built around these amazing doors from the 40's.  Most of the year, we can dine with the doors wide open.

Celadon has some great tabletop items for entertaining.  I love how these vases, candles, and runner look with our teak table.

I am definitely an art lover.  My mom, who is an attorney, always collected art in her office and home by Southern women artists, so I have been around beautiful art my whole life.  Living in Charleston, I know so many talented artists, including the four whom I share SLATE STUDIOS with -  Teil HenleyBlakely Little, Raven Roxanne, and Lulie Wallace.

I have collected art over the years, buying it even when I didn't have the space for it. Hoarding paper works, and not framing them to save space while we lived in a little NYC apartment and our little DC brownstone.  Last year just before we moved I worked with Simply Framed to have more than 20 pieces framed.  They were such a help, as choosing frames on that many works at once was daunting.

Entryway artwork consists of a few faves.  This Steve Keen piece was a gift from my dear cousin Hunter when I was in the hospital.  I thought it was such a kind and thoughtful gift.  Sally King Benedict's face is perfect beside it.

This woman above the bench in our living room was a gift from my Uncle Robert, who is an artist and architect.  It was a special gift for my 30th birthday.  I love this grouping of inks - two of Sally King Benedict and one from my family's trip to Malaga, Spain a couple of years ago.  This little basket from Celadon is the perfect compliment to the color palette.

When Tyler and I first started dating we took a trip to Amsterdam.  We rode bikes everywhere and had such a magical time in that incredible city.  Upon our return, I commissioned our friend Kate Long Stevenson to paint a city scene for him.  Beautiful flowers by Lily at Flowershop Charleston.

I pick up pieces of art when I travel, as opposed to other trinkets.  The three abstracts here are by Rebecca Hawkins, the buyer at Celadon.  I picked up this little hippo under water scene on the street in SOHO when I was pregnant with my son.  This little manhattan map is a letter pressed piece that I bought just before we moved, since he was born in NYC.  I bought these little mixed media pieces in Lisbon on one of the best four day getaways the hubby and I have been on. These ladies from Cuba are among my favorite works from travel.


These Sarah Boyts Yoder popsicles are perfect in my daughter's room, along with this letter P that I found at Scotts Antique Market.

My son drew the animal pic on the top left and my hubby the bottom left.  Same age.  How cute is that??  When my mom and I lived in Coral Gables, Florida for 4 months when I was in 3rd grade, I took an art class at the Biltmore Hotel and this is my interpretation of it.

Wade's room is also home to a Japanese flag that my dad got when he traveled there after Vietnam.  His Japanese friend later came to visit and told him that it was hung upside down and backward, but I still think it's incredibly special.  We have a framed letter pressed map from 42Pressed that the kiddos love in their little playroom.

Celadon works with many local and regional artists to feature their work at special events. I have picked up several small pieces from their shows.

Thank you again to Lindsey Shorter for the beautiful photos!!

xo Jane