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Jane Styles: Rings

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Jane Styles: Rings

Ahhhhh ring styling.  I love it.   
People always ask would I do this or do that, and the answer is yes!  I do it all.  I love experimenting with stacking rings.  

Some of my tried and true suggestions:

Mix shapes/lines - eg. Try one with straight sides, rounded, curved all worn together.  

Switch the order - Sometimes switching the order of the bands will make them look completely different.

Mix thick and thin - The thin flat bands and twig rings have an amazing ability to give depth to a stack.  It's amazing what a little texture will add to a stack.

Add a stack topper - Most people think that you should bookend rings so that there are two matching bands on either side of your main event ring.  This can be lovely, but I also love two different bands on one side (or three) with a zinger on top.  There is something incredibly balanced in the imbalance.

Don't be afraid to try things you wouldn't think are you.  You just may surprise yourself.

xx Jane