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Jane Styles: Necklace

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Jane Styles: Necklace

You may have noticed that I rarely post necklace shots on myself while rings are easy peasy. Necklaces are so tricky to get a candid studio shots. Based on instagram engagement, it doesn't seem like you love the model shots as much as the candid shots.  The truth is that they are necessary to show styling tips for necklaces.

I wouldn't advise styling too many necklaces on our smallest chain. While it is durable, delicate style chains tend to tangle and can be a mess when piled on.  I do love a mix of a couple of chains.  A longer heavier chain with a shorter delicate chain is a staple for me.  I love layering my kiddos fingerprint necklace with a shorter necklace.  

I also adore the new heavier chains with a diamond zinger worn together. It's a nice way to give some extra volume to to your favorite simple necklace. 

Necklace styling for me is on the subtle side, but if you love to pile chains on, the more the merrier.

xx Jane