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Most of our pieces are made to order, exclusively for you! Please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to ship out. xx, The JP Team
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We love custom projects.  They have become a cornerstone of our business.  Reinventing your sentimental stones into more modern, wearable styles means so much to us and we love hearing your kind words and reactions to your JP pieces.

Lately, we have had a lot of requests to send us new stones to set in our settings.  The sheer number of these has left us feeling disconnected, so we have made the difficult decision to stop accepting new stones sourced with stone dealers, etc.  We have many beautiful stones in our inventory and are more than happy to source a stone with your project in mind, if we don't have anything that suits your fancy.

Proposals take a lot of attention and we have felt lately that we have been stretched thin with projects for new stones originating from elsewhere.  From now on, if you want one of our custom settings, we are more than happy to source a stone for your ring. 

Have a stone you want to update the setting?  We are still here for you!  We love reworking stones.  In fact, we are hoping this change allows us more time to focus on your projects.

xx Jane