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Reflections on MOTHERHOOD

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Reflections on MOTHERHOOD

I was recently contacted by the ever lovely Marigold Modern boutique to be a part of their Mama Minute series.  It is an incredibly beautiful store with an inclusive mission and I have always crushed on their eye.

I was lucky enough to meet owner Louisa Vann and Stylist, Dani Lynn at a luncheon hosted by Vincent James designer, Heather Sullivan, last week.  Although the lunch was intended to highlight sustainability, we also chatted a lot about motherhood and parenting.  Some at the lunch had many kiddos - always amazed by how effortlessly Heather mothers her 4 with ease - and others had not entered into this next step, but we had great conversation about parenting, being a child, and it was really inspiring and got me thinking.

Motherhood... you are the best and at times a beast, but I don't remember myself without you.  May is always an emotional month for me.  Another school year is ending and the kiddos are seeming older. I have fallen in love with their teachers and all that they do for my kiddos. I notice how different they are with new and different summer activities and sports and how much more freedom they require. It is absolutely heart warming and heart breaking simultaneously.  

I feel lucky to be their mom.  I feel so fortunate that we have open communication.  I hope it will last through the teenage years and that they will continue to grow into the smart, caring, loving souls that they are. 

Bottom line:  I have never been great with change, but I have found with every year, I am really doing my best to give into it.  


xx Jane