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Most of our pieces are made to order, exclusively for you! Please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to ship out. Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help! xx, The JP Team
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We are super excited to announce that...  we are moving to a new location in the upcoming weeks.  Our small but mighty team has grown a bit and we need a little more space to stretch our legs.  We do not have an exact date just yet, but will definitely update you when we do.  We will be closed a few days for the move and to get settled into the new digs.  Please keep this in mind when you place orders and when you are thinking of making an exchange/return*. We will also pause appointments for a week or two around the move.  We are waiting on the build out of our new space, so the move date is dependent on that.  We are told it will be between June 1 and 15, but know that could change.

I have loved every minute of our stay in the Cigar Factory.  This beautiful old building and my studio mates have been inspiring in so many ways.  I will miss them dearly and hope to connect with them regularly to hear of what they are up to and continue to be inspired by their work. 

There will be more announcements regarding the new space, appointment days/times, and other fun things in the upcoming weeks.  Be sure you are on our email list to be sure you are up to speed.

Can't wait to see you in the new spot!

xx Jane


*We are not responsible for lost packages in transit, and this will extend to packages shipped to us around the move.