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Most of our pieces are made to order, exclusively for you! Please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to ship out. xx, The JP Team
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male model and female model in gold jewelry


gold ring with cushion cut bezel set white diamond

All Gild

gold split textured band with oval aquamarine

Best Selling

woman wearing gold cable chain bracelet alongside two bracelets and three gold rings


yellow gold band with three baguette white diamonds

Build Your Stack


gold necklace with round disk


male model and female model in gold jewelry


gold ring with bezel set asscher cut white diamond

GIA Certified GILD

gold six prong ring with old euro cut round diamond


The JP GILD Collection is made up of truly singular designs meant to delight.

Each piece is handcrafted in our Charleston, SC studio. 

close up of gold band with bezel set shield shaped yellow brown diamond

GILD Colored Diamonds

GILD Made to Measure

JP Made To Measure pieces are customizable versions of some of our signature JP pieces.

Each is handcrafted for you while allowing you to select the stone of your dreams. 

gold ring with bezel set round white diamond

GILD White Diamonds

close up of man's hand wearing gold band


gold eternity band with bezel set round diamonds

Horizontal Stacks

gold band with bezel set round white diamonds

JP Aquamarine Stack

moderately textured gold band with straight sides

JP Emerald Stack



Raven Roxanne first met jewelry designer Jane Pope nearly a decade ago, when Raven’s husband worked with Jane to create her engagement ring. Years later, the two became studio mates at Slate Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, where they continued to admire and find inspiration in one another’s work. With practices rooted in modernism, both artists are drawn to playfulness and Old World softness, their styles complementing each other naturally.
Over time, Raven and Jane’s relationship has evolved into one of mutual respect and deep friendship. Ever supportive in the studio, the artists have also anchored each other through life’s shifting stages. When Raven returned to the studio after the birth of her first child, she found a familiar confidant in Jane, who could bring wisdom, advice and a new perspective to motherhood. This new chapter in life brought the two even closer and with it a new spark of inspiration.
Conceived early in Raven’s motherhood, Falling Tulips breathed new life into the artists’ studios. Marrying Raven’s tulip motif—a theme that appears often in her paintings—with Jane’s unique wax molding and gold casting process, the collaboration felt organic from the start. With only three pairs of earrings and three necklaces, the collection captures tulips not at their most pristine, but at varying stages of growth and imperfection. Together, the pieces represent the beauty of evolution, and the value of growing together—not unlike the artists’ relationship itself.
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