True Botanicals Dreams

I have been a longtime lover of True Botanicals, as you know from my blog posts here .  After my brain tumor, and because the tumor was not hereditary, and obviously caused by outside factors, I was terrified to use any products that weren’t free of toxins.  I simultaneously and likely caused by all of the medicines poured into my body the weeks that I was in the hospital, I was hit with some serious adult acne.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to stop with natural products.  Boy, was I wrong.  I tried True Botanicals and their True Glow program , working with a personal consultant for 12 weeks to get your skincare routine just right for you.  I have been so happy with and dedicated to True Botanicals since.

When I heard that the founder, Hillary Peterson, was coming to Charleston, I was super excited to meet her and see what was new with TB.  Hillary was as lovely as you can image.  My friend, Carter, and I went to see her and were lucky enough to speak with her at length about how she started True Botanicals.  It was a very similar story to my own, having discovered throat cancer upon a freak chicken bone in her throat + twin babies = world rocked situation.  Except that her experience was 20+ years ago.  I dare you to find someone who has survived a scare as such that doesn’t love to hear from a fellow survivor, and one who is thriving and changing the world and the environment which may have caused her cancer or my tumor.

Needless to say, I had a fan girl moment.  I am so thankful for Hillary and her work to provide effective and luxurious products while forcing the industry to make changes and people to be aware of the harmful ingredients in products on the market.

I also got a tip from Hillary that they are discontinuing their amazing tinted SPF, which I promptly ordered 10 bottles of.  If you are a fan… run don’t walk to get your supply while it lasts!

xx Jane