THIS IS 39… The Workout

Gah!  I am so happy to be back in Charleston for 1000 reasons, but one that has be putting a major smile on my face daily has been the workout scene.  I was a late exercise bloomer.  I didn’t love sports growing up.  I am not traditionally competitive.  I went to a boarding school where we were all required to do 3 seasons if sports, which was complete agony.  I managed to start an art club, manage the boys varsity baseball team and the girls soccer team, take cross training, and do aerobics for 3 seasons.  After college, I power walked often, did workout videos some, but it was not much.  I even ( painstakingly) turned that power walk in to a jog and ended up running enough to run one 15k race here in Charleston in 2005. But, that was more for the experience, as it was over both of the Cooper Rive Bridges before taking them down.  With age, I have found that I not only NEED a good sweat, but I LOVE it!

Being back in Charleston, I have not only found workout options galore, but a community that loves to workout.  I have been kickboxing at SHADOWBOX GYM, doing pilates with my kick arse friend Martha at EXHALE, doing a really challenging Hy class at HYLO Fitness (thanks to my friend Sarah Frick at CPY for this rec), I finally got in with a tennis group on the island, and cannot wait to try THE WORKS.

If you make it to Charleston, check out some of these killer workouts!

xx Jane