Slate Takes Savannah

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I am not sure if I have mentioned, but I share a collective studio space- Slate Studios- in Charleston with some pretty amazing ladies.  Lulie Wallace, Teil Duncan, Blakely Little, Raven Roxanne and their teams are so impressive both in artistic talent and how they run their businesses.  It has been so fun for me to work around all of these talented creatives.  I may be the oldest bird in the coop, but I certainly love learning from these accomplished chicks.

After some really cute SCAD summer interns talked up the town, the Slate ladies decided to take a field trip to Savannah to check out SCAD and this beautiful city.  I have been to Savannah very few times, and it had been many years since my last visit.  It’s surprising to me what little connection Savannah and Charleston seem to have when they are so close together.  So, after Lulie’s summer intern Libby talked about how we should come check out SCAD, we decided to hit the road.

What a treat it was for all of us to step out of the studio for a couple of days to get inspired.  We contacted another former intern from SCAD who proved to be the highlight of our trip.  Louisa was so lovely and kind and TALENTED.  She showed us the painting and textile buildings, as well as some of her work.  She also walked us around the city a bit and showed us her daily studies journal on the rooftop at dusk.

SCAD Painting Building

Strolling through one of Savannah's many squares

Louise showing us her screen printing lab

We also visited the gallery owner Susan Laney at the Laney Contemporary Gallery.  It was in this very cool space of the beaten path, and Susan had done an incredible job with this funky space.  There was a very cool exhibit up by artist Will Penny which suited the space really beautifully.

Laney contemporary hosts fun events for artists.

How could you not with a bar area like this??

Will Penny Exhibit at Laney Contemporary

Slate ladies at Paris Market

Louisa's incredible book of daily studies

The coffee nook at Paris Market

Inspiration for Raven's upcoming project

Breakfast at The Emporium Kitchen

We wandered through the streets which were moody and beautiful and full of history.  It was such a lovely and quiet city.  We visited Paris Market which had great energy and music, dined at The Grey (Everyone who we asked where to eat suggested this spot.  It is clearly a town fave.), and had the best lunch at the SCAD run spot called The Gryphon Tea Room thanks to our waiter and SCAD student, Sebastian.  One of our favorite things about everyone we chatted with was that they were all SCAD students.  It was impressive to hear their majors, creative goals and aspirations.  We all secretly wanted to sign up for a semester at SCAD.

The Gryphon used to be an old pharmacy

These details are so cool.

We had a lot of fun on the hotel rooftop in our LAKE pj’s.  The girls were so sweet to send the treats to the hotel.

All in all, we had a great trip.  I came back with some new ideas about my design process, some future collaborative works and motivation to modify my business some.  Always a work in progress, and I love that.

If we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing, right?

Stay tuned!

xo Jane