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Custom JP FINGER PRINT CHARM $900-$1200



14kt Yellow Gold Fingerprint charm to be added to client's current JP Necklace

Approx 1in

estimated total amount of sale to be charged to card: $900-$1200 + shipping &  tax (when it applies) + length/hand engraving additions

nonrefundable deposit (50% of estimate): ­­­­­­$450 + 1/2 shipping & tax + length/hand engraving additions

balance due upon completion: $450-750 + 1/2 shipping & tax

production schedule:

8-10 weeks from start date. Schedule to be determined by the Client and JPJ once we receive the prints back from client.

payment schedule:

A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due at the start date of project. When the piece is completed, the balance of the final invoice will be due before the custom project will be delivered. Note: the estimate provided for the project is good for 30 days, but are subject to change if the cost of materials goes up.


The client shall reimburse JPJ for all expenses arising from this assignment, including but not limited to shipping fees for any materials and final product delivery. Sales tax of 9% will be charged for all items purchased by customers in South Carolina.

modifications to scope of work:

Client is responsible for any costs associated with changes made during design process.

limitation of liability:

Client agrees that she/he will not hold JPJ or its employees liable for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from using client’s materials. Stones removed may be damaged before removal or may be damaged during rework. If the customer’s stone is cracked or damaged, JPJ will work to minimize further damage. Customer will not hold JPJ liable for any broken, cracked or damaged materials. Client releases JPJ from any liability for materials shipped to JPJ.

default of payment:

If final payment is not received in 30 days, JPJ keeps all materials, deposit and the final piece.

credit card payment / authorization form

By clicking purchase, you agree to the estimate provided by JPJ. A 50% deposit will be charged to the below card prior to JPJ beginning any custom project. This deposit is nonrefundable. All items are final sale.