Jane Pope + Sakara

I have been dying to try Sakara for quite some time now.  I have heard great things about the plan and thought that the crazy busy holiday season would be a great time to try it out.  This is a time of year when I could easily fall victim to the madness and make poor food decisions.  Being busy and stressed with the holiday madness can certainly propel us into bad habits quickly.  I have recently taken a break from meat because my gut was not feeling well.  I have been looking for a vegetarian/vegan meal option, so this was the perfect time to try out Sakara.

If you don’t know about it, the Sakara Life organic meal delivery program is based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense, and delicious ingredients.  To be completely honest, eating meat free has concerned me from a weight perspective.  It has always seemed easier to eat lean animal protein and vegetables and stay away from a grain heavy meatless diet.  I felt like it was a bit daunting to figure out what was actually healthy in the meat-free world. It felt easy to choose high quality organic meats (whenever possible) and vegetables, keeping grains and starch and sugars to a minimum.  Until now… Enter Sakara into my life!

My sweet Pope was at the studio with me when the Sakara box arrived, and she was very interested to see everything on the box.  She loves “salad” (any vegetables), but the girl has an insane sweet tooth!  I try to guide her by example and show her how good I feel when I eat things that are good for me.  It was awesome to see her dive in to check it all out with me.  She wanted to taste everything and of course loved the Pink Sylk Milk.

I did the 5 day play to get a real feel for the program.  Everything I ate was super tasty. Some of my favorite meals included the above mentioned Pink Poppy Seed Muffin with Berry Jam, chocolate love muffin, and the caramel apple parfait for breakfast.  Lunch faves were the Sakara Bibimbap, The red beet burger (YUUUUUMMMMM!), and the Sakara Style Pasta Bolognese (which I ended up eating for supper one night, as it looked like a big lunch).  For dinners, tops were the Sichuan Noodles with Sesame Roasted Rainbow Carrots, the Protein Power Plate with Golden Turmeric Flatbread, and the Harissa Falafel with Ruby Red Hummus.

I must confess… I didn’t even heat up any of the food until the last day.  I just pulled it out of the fridge an hour or so before I ate it.  There were heating instructions and I am sure it would have made meals even more delicious had I heated things up.  I only tell you this, so you know just how good it was.  It is shocking that I could eat almost every meal lukewarm and give a rave review.  Sunday did have an extra minute and I heated up my poppyseed muffin with berry spread and it was magical!  Next time I will try warming up a few more things just to really blow my mind.

I definitely loved some meals more than others, but the ease of it being delivered to my doorstep, knowing I was putting something healthy in my body, and always feeling satisfied made them all delicious!

If you haven’t tried Sakara, you should… and you can do it for 15% off of your first order with the coupon code REF_JANEP15.  I ordered for next week, despite holiday parties and life’s chaos.  My thinking is that if I can get in a healthy breakfast and lunch each day, I will be all the better for it!   It’s my solution for the holidays.  I am also planning to stock up on teas & water, supplements , and snacks for our trip to Peru.  Can’t wait to do the 10-Day Reset in 2019.

I want to hear what you all think of the Sakara Life!


xx Jane