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Oh my goodness.  I have found the gem of all gems in Charleston.  I am not one who jumps at facial treatments, because I have insanely sensitive skin.  I mean INSANELY sensitive.  I think I am prone to rosacia, and anything abrasive or peeling makes my skin on fire.  My cousin Way Way has been seeing Kristin at Ella Ora, for years and I had been wanting to go there, but had been nervous about my typical reaction to facials. But, I pretty much try to do whatever it is that Way Way is doing, because she is Benjamin Button personified.  Seriously.  She is GORGEOUS.  She has the most amazing skin and hair and most importantly, she is the kindest, most thoughtful, talented person I know… I could go on and on about my unicorn sister/cousin/friend, but this is about Ella Ora ;-).

So, I finally made an appointment with Kristin and went in to Ella Ora and WOW!  It’s the most serene, gorgeous spot.  Soft pinks and gold and grays are my jam, and with Way Way’s beautiful art on the walls, Ella Ora really is a dream. Kristin offered me an almond milk latte… yes please!  We talked about my skin and I expressed my concerns, and we went into the treatment room, and go down to business.  Kristin is so knowledgeable, and explained everything she was doing and what products she was using and what each step was doing to help my skin.

Let me tell you it was, hands down, the best facial I have ever gotten.  Truly.  I walked out glowing and not one bit red + I felt so relaxed and amazing.

Besides the beautiful ambiance and amazing treatment, they play the best music.  Not the spa type music that can be nice but generic.  I meant great songs that are both relaxing and that you know and enjoy.

Dreamy sitting room

Every detail is perfection

Logo embossed chocolates for post treatment

LED light therapy

Microcurrent wands to tighten the muscles

These are the two treatments I have gotten at Ella Ora.  Since Kristin knows more than I do about the magic this treatment does, I will let her take it away:

Microcurrent treatments are safe, effective, & painless. The technology was first developed in the medical arena in the 1960’s to treat patients with facial paralysis & Bell’s palsy. It is extremely effective for muscle rehabilitation & would healing. Doctors using this treatment on their patients saw such an improvement in their facial structure that they reportedly started using it on themselves. It was quickly adopted by the beauty industry for aesthetic purposes.
-lift droopy eyelids & jowls
-enhance facial contour for a more sculpted look
-reduce & erase fine lines & wrinkles
-decrease puffiness & inflammation
-promote firmer, smoother skin texture & tone
The effects are cumulative, & there are no harmful side effects. Instead, there are side benefits, which include muscle re-education, scar repair & deep relaxation.
We use the coolest Micrrocrrent technology there is today. Our machine the Caci Synergy comes from London and it is patented Tsunami current which is very smooth. The current is smallest at the skin and travels in a big spiral so that its greatest impact is at the muscle insertion. Our current is the most sophisticated there is in the world today.

More from Kristin:

Red LED therapy increases collagen production. It increases the ATP by 500%. ATP is adenosine triphosphate which is the major carrier of energy to the cells. This increases RNA & DNA synthesis which helps replace older or damaged cells, making perfect for anyone looking to slow down the aging process. It essentially turns back the clock!

Fresh faced after my facial with Kristin

Later that evening celebrating my mom's 75th birthday. Barely any makeup. Didn't need it with a facial like this.

I cannot wait to try this new machine next time. This is my clean beauty guru, Jessica Morse pictured.  She is my “don’t do much without checking with her to be sure it’s clean” beauty queen as you know from my posts here and here. Pretty much any time I mention a product that I love it’s a recommendation or at least I have cleared it with her before proceeding.  Jess is also opening a clean nail spa in my building.  I cannot wait!

More from the expert on what this treatment does:

Glass Skin Facial (Oxygen Bubble) This South Korean oxygen bubble helps with collagen production, hydration, & product penetration. It is a 34 minute treatment and will leave your skin looking literally poreless, super smooth, and hydrated- aka, looking like glass. It also minimizes unfriendly bacteria leaving you blemish free with a super glow for days and days.
You are welcome.  xx Jane