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I am super excited to participate in BRANDSHOP Charlotte.  As you guys may have seen on Instagram, I participated in BRANDSHOP NOLA this summer, which was an absolute blast.*  Hillary and Laura have brought over 30 emerging brands to show in one space, and I am thrilled to join the super talented group of designers to show their goodies in Charlotte.  I am always excited to see who all with be at the speaker series, as there have been some pretty amazing ones in the past.   Charlotte area friends, please stop by for a fun trunk show day with JPJ, Friday December 9th, 10am-6pm.  Check out the full schedule below.  Hope to see lots of you there!  xo JPC

*Summer got away from me and I never posted my BRANSHOP NOLA post, so here is a snippet:

New Orleans is such an amazing city, full of life.  The speaker series included lots of incredibly talented ladies.  Sarah Easley, formerly of Kirna Zabet, who is now a consultant for entrepreneurs.  Ann Mashburn, whom I have secretly had a girl boss crush on, and I ended up getting to know at the hotel bar.  She is just as interesting, talented and fun as I thought she would be.  Anna Kaiser – lord help me with this one’s workout.  WOW!  I have never had a workout like the 90 minute killer one we were lucky enough to partake in.  Anna is a tiny force of nature.  What an inspiration! Lydia Fenett (who I went to college with) who is the International Director of Strategic Partnerships, Senior Vice President at Christie’s.  Can we say boss lady? Mary Guiliani, caterer and author of The Cocktail Party:Eat Drink, Play, Recover, was such fun and an amazing entertainer.  Mary catered and co-hosted in Alexa Pulitzer‘s home for an evening of dancing and drinking.  Needless to say, NOLA was an absolute blast!