100 days of Fitness + Positive Change

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AHHHHHHHH I DID IT!!!  I cannot believe it.  Well, I can, because I am super stubborn and  once I say I am going to do something, I do it.  To a fault.  ha!  In any event, I did it.  I did 100 workouts in 103 days.  I got sick in January and skipped a couple of days and when my daughter got the flu the following week, I took two days off because she was so pathetic and needed her mama.  I doubled up and did 2 workouts a couple of days as well. Balance, right?

This has been such a challenge for me in many ways.  The fitness part has been easier than I expected, which has surprised me.  I have gotten so used to working out every day, and doing really challenging workouts that make me happy.   I have never been coordinated, nor athletic.  Just because I am tall, people assumed that I would be good at sports.  Because people told me I should be good at sports, I felt obligated to play them.  I knew on my first church basketball team when I was 6 that I was never going to love being an athlete on a team.  I just hoped to make it through the game without having to have contact with the ball.  I was too shy to say how much I hated it and that began my loathing of being involved sports.  In high school we were required to play 3 sports a year.  I created an art club to do instead of a sport, did aerobics, cross training, and anything that was not on a team and managed every sport under the sun to avoid playing myself.

Scheduling on the other hand has been a bit daunting. Between working full time and children and a husband who works longer hours, finding time to get a workout in every day and not interrupt anything has been a smidge difficult.  I have definitely come back to the studio without showering, which I don’t love being as the workouts I love are the sweatiest ones.  Despite the fact that I had trouble finding the “perfect time” to get in a workout, EVERY SINGLE TIME I got there and got my sweat on, I felt 1000x better than when I arrived.

My low point was when my husband was going to California for the week for a conference.  I knew finding time to workout while he was gone would be even more of a challenge.  So, the weekend before he left, I was trying to cram in as much “self care” as possible.   Workouts, infrared sauna, an intense massage with the incredible Cameron Gunter (How cute is she?!?!).  Bottom line: I completely over did it and ended up getting slapped in the face with a virus that left me wrecked.  As I was worn down and too weak in bed to sit up, I realized that I pushed myself too far.  I love to workout. I love to get massages (although this is a rarity).  I love the infrared sauna. But, I wore my body out.

After this challenge, I am taking a serious break.  Not a break from working out.  I LOVE working out.  I truly do.  But I am taking a break from challenges and setting insane goals.  My intention in 2019 is MODERATION.  I like the idea, and I am terrible at it.  I want to take it easy on myself and give myself  the chance to relax about doing things I love, instead of making everything a challenge.

Truth be told, I am not great at self-motivated workouts.  I did take a few beach walks/runs, and they fed my soul for sure, but I mostly went to my favorite kick arse workout spots around town and got killed daily for the past 100 days.  I have never felt stronger that’s for sure.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of this daily super sweat.  EXHALE PILATES, (Martha is my main girl here.  love her so!),  REVOLUTION (Katie Penta and Jackie are my faves),  SHADOWBOX (My girl Martha stepped in while Caleb went to Bali for a few months, but he made up for it upon his return with some really great workouts the past few weeks), THE WORKS (Where do I start here?!  Sarah, you are a goddess.  Your team is incredible.  I cannot wait for your new studio to be open in a few short months. This place has been my main source of sweaty goodness.) for my regular workouts + SOUL CYCLE (Joshua in Old Town Chicago changed my life and view of spin), THE CLASS (I took a class with Taryn Toomey herself on her 40th birthday.  That was magical.  She is a force.  The workout was like nothing I have ever done before.  Tribal and cathartic and a full body and soul release.), BARRY’S BOOTCAMP (It was too dark in this room for me to be running on a treadmill with double vision.  Ha!! Still a great workout.), RUMBLE (I liked this workout, but wished they had a kicking component.  I guess Shadowbox has spoiled me a bit.  There is something about kicking that really leaves you feeling great at the end of a class.), and the Peruvian countryside for my workouts while far away from home and of course the BEACH for some lovely runs and walks.  I love each of these spots and the incredible teachers.  If you find yourself in Charleston and want a workout, hit up some of these places for your fitness fix.

Bottom Line:  I have absolutely loved falling in love with working out.

Peace out 100 day challenge.  I will enjoy continuing to love working out, minus putting pressure on myself.*


xx Jane


*As I walked away from my 100th workout, I honestly felt a little sad.  In some crazy messed up way, I will miss this challenge.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?  HA!