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This road has been long and maybe harder (while obviously more superficial) than the rest.  I left the hospital in 2012 waif thin and weak. I stayed that way for a few months, but over the time I wasn’t able to drive, I ate healthfully but kept gaining weight.  I started working out more and more and still gaining weight.  After my eye surgeries and getting my independence back driving again, I started feeling better and better.  I stopped working out like a maniac and I took a hard look at my diet.

I was eating “healthfully”, but I was falling victim to processed foods masked as organic, gluten free, etc.   I had heard Jessica Morse, of Bare Beauty talk about a metabolic reboot with Dr Sherri Jacobs and Health E Coaching in Charleston.  I was super interested, but thought I was eating pretty healthy already.  I wasn’t sure how much I could change about my diet…. ummmm a ton.

Dr Sherri does a 21 day program that is totally manageable.  You cut out the sensitive 7 – dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, corn, peanuts and alcohol.  After 21 days you add them back in one at a time to see if you are allergic to anything.  Apparently, many people have allergies they don’t even know about.  Because their bodies are used to being exposed to them, the “reaction” is more mild, but causes inflammation or other problems*.  The thing I noticed most when I did the metabolic reset was that so many foods I ate that were “gluten free” or organic were packed with sugar (albeit organic), corn and other things that I wasn’t aware of and that weren’t working for me. The reset opened my eyes to ingredients, and helped lead me in the right direction to make better choices in my diet.

I did the Health E Coaching Cleanse a few times over the past few years.  While it cleaned up my diet a ton and I felt great, I would still see pictures of myself and want to cry. I truly thought I looked as good as I felt, but it just wasn’t the case.

My dearest friend,  Carter had three babies under the age of 3, which would take a toll on anyone, and of course she always looked gorgeous to me.  I saw her in March and she had lost 10 lbs and looked awesome, so I asked her what she had been doing.  The diet sounded a little complicated and there were things on it like low fat yogurt, saltines, etc that made my skin crawl.  But, I saw Carter again in May and she had lost 30 pounds and looked INCREDIBLE!!!!!!   I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon and call nutritionist, Lesia Petrizio.

When I spoke with Lesia, I told her I didn’t eat any dairy nor was I interested in processed foods, which was no problem.  She still sent me the full list of approved foods for the program after an initial phone consultation, I got started. I skipped things that I didn’t eat anyway and bought high quality organic meats, cage free eggs, organic and farm fresh fruits and vegetables that are Dr. Sherri approve and for the most part free of toxins, antibiotics, and pesticides.  Vegetarian?  No problem!  I am not vegetarian, but if you are or lean that way, she can customize your plan accordingly.  She is all the rage with her new contingency of Indian Clients and many are vegetarian.

The program is based on portion control, accountability and eating several times a day. It didn’t take long to see that, although I was eating organic and clean, my potions were WAY out of control.  I would eat a salad with a full can of organic chickpeas on it or I would snack on cashews all day.  Were those things healthy? sure! But, those and many other small changes helped me get the weight under control.

I send Lesia a food log every night (which I text her, so as not to waste paper sending her pictures of filled out sheets each day… not the most environmentally friendly), and pictures of my feet on a scale MWF.  I lost approximately 2 lbs a week, and Lesia was there to cheer me on with her bitmojis or to alter the diet if something wasn’t working.
I lost 22 lbs in 10 weeks.  Most importantly, I finally feel like myself again and it is the best feeling.  I have had so many people ask me about my diet, so I wanted to share.  After the weight loss phase, you enter stabilization, which allows you to add all food types back into your diet while continuing to watch your weight.  I have been in this phase for the past 8 weeks and have not gained back any weight.
I remain fairly obsessed with keeping chemicals out of my diet and that of my family.

Lesia Petrizio can be reached through the above link to her website or via email at or 215-804-7975

xx Jane