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With the hubs and my 7th anniversary coming up this weekend, I have wedding on the brain.  The weather this time of year reminds me of the amazing weekend my husband and I had celebrating with dear friends in my hometown.

Of course the weekend was perfect, but there might be a few details I would adjust every so slightly, if we were doing it all over.  It is fun to day dream about the wedding I would have today vs the wedding I had 7 years ago.

If you have not checked out Over the Moon Blog, you must. Alex and Andee have provided the perfect source for all aspects of the wedding game.  While they cover all things involved in planning the perfect wedding, they also include fashion, beauty, and entertaining tips that any married person can enjoy as well.

One of my favorite reads was a post by my friend Chassity Evans (Look Linger Love), where she picked her dream registry.  If one thing would be dramatically different, it is my registry.  I remember being so clueless, and crying laughing with my Maid of Honor as I registered for 10 kinds of “miso soup bowls” before realizing how ridiculous it was and making adjustments.

Don’t take my word for it, just check out Over the Moon Blog for yourself.  Our wedding is one of the featured ones, along with lots of other gorgeous ones!

The hubs and I are spending the weekend in Charleston sans kiddos, and are going to dinner at Peninsula Grill where we had our first date 10 years ago!  I am so looking forward to celebrating with my sweet hubs.

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Alex Macon shot by Marko MacPherson

Sally Read – Photographed by Anna and Spencer Photography

Olivia Brock – Photographed by Leigh Webber