Heirloom Kit

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I am one who has very strong memories attached to things.  My closet has been full of clothes that remind me of a fun weekend with friends or a moment in time that I would like to relive.  Even if the clothes are no longer my size (sigh) or appropriate, I love having them in site to remind me of the time I wore them.

Recently, I decided to update my closet, which involved moving these items.  I was storing most of my oldies but goodies and I wished that I had a way to catalog them, so that, when my sweet Pope is old enough to go through them, she would know the story behind each piece.

Enter the Hannah Bergen’s Heirloom Kit.  I heard about them through Taigan, but didn’t know exactly what they were.  It is an absolutely precious box containing different ways to catalog information on your most prized posesions.  From jewelry to artwork, garments, books, furniture…  you can make a card with any information or story regarding its history.  It comes with a pen, vintage scissors, glue dots, ribbon, stickers, and an assortment of tags, envelopes, and pouches.

What a beautiful way to keep those treasures cataloged!

xo JPC

photo credit LUCY BOLAND