Custom Orders

Custom Process

The process for custom work:

1) Email your ideas to
NOTE: If you wish to include your own stones, please send pictures and measurements of the stones.

2) JPJ will collaborate with you on the design.

3) Once you agree on a plan and design direction, JPJ will provide an estimate for the project.  Custom Projects start at $500 and go up from there, depending on materials, time, etc.

4) You will start the custom process by paying the 50% non-refundable deposit through the website. Your card will be charged when the payment is submitted.  The payment is an agreement to the full estimate. If at any point JPJ realizes that the price may exceed the estimate, JPJ will notify you.

5) Fifty percent of the estimate is due prior to JPJ starting the custom order. This deposit is nonrefundable.

6) When JPJ receives the payment, you will receive an estimated completion date for the project.


7) Custom orders take 3–6 weeks, depending on the JPJ project schedule.

8) Once your custom JPJ piece is ready, JPJ will email pictures and a link to pay the remaining balance.

9) JPJ will ship your custom piece.

Before shipping items to JPJ, please email us to receive an authorization number. All materials shipped to JPJ are the responsibility of the customer. Please insure all shipments and ship by a trackable carrier (e.g., FedEx or UPS).

Customer releases JPJ from any liability for materials shipped to JPJ. Stones removed may be damaged before removal or may be damaged during rework. If the customer’s stone is cracked or damaged, JPJ will work to minimize further damage. Customer will not hold JPJ liable for any broken, cracked or damaged materials.  Any materials purchased by JPJ for a project may be used by JPJ if the customer does not move forward within 90 days from the receipt of the estimate.