Cuba Recap

The hubs and I have been dying to go to Cuba, so when we got the email from Delta that they were flying directly to Cuba from the US, we jumped on the chance to go.  We only had a long weekend for the getaway, so we stuck with Havana and didn’t try to get to any other cities.  We could have spent much more time there, as there is so much to see.  Havana was such an incredible city- so much history and architectural beauty paired with the most friendly people, and a complete disconnect (no internet, except in a few hotels with a paid card).  The Cuban people were the most kind people I have ever met in travel, and it felt very safe.  I did feel like it was super difficult to capture the city’s beauty on an iPhone (although Mary Seng of Happily Grey did it beautifully here).  The beauty was so vast and layered.  Below are a few snaps of our trip.  We walked and walked and walked all over the city trying to take everything in; ate great meals, despite the fact that the cuisine does not have the best reputation; and took one morning to go to a beach close to Havana.  We got a pink convertible taxi to drive us out to Playa Este, about 25 minutes away.  The morning was quiet and absolutely lovely.  By the time the crowds were starting to come mid afternoon, we were headed back and totally refreshed.

If you get a chance to go to Cuba, go soon.

xx JPC